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OSRS Vorkath Guide

osrs vorkath

Vorkath is a level 732 Dragon, which is fought during the Dragon Slayer 2 quest. It can then be fought again after the quest, similar to the Phantom Muspah and players will often farm this boss for lucrative profits. The boss is often considered one of the most consistent OSRS gold money makers in the game, alongside Zulrah. Be careful though, as the version fought in the quest is significantly weaker to the version post-quest.

Ranged Gear Setup for Vorkath

osrs vorkath gear setup

Pouch: Law/Chaos/Dust – Regular Spellbook

Dragon-hunter Crossbow Setup

  • Pray Range and attack with the dragon hunter crossbow through-out the fight.
  • Use elite void range if you don’t own Masori, Zenyte Vambs or the Lightbearer ring. The difference in dps is very minimal.
  • Extended super antifire potions are required. If it is not the super variant it will not provide the maximum dragonfire protection.
  • If you do not own a Dragonfire Ward, then you should use a regular anti-dragon shield. Other shields that do not provide protection against dragonfire are not advised. DFS is also bad due to its negative range accuracy.
  • Guthix Rests are optional and can be used to tick-eat blue mage attacks when below 30 hp. They are beneficial as they do not stall your attacks like regular food will.
  • Zaryte Crossbow is the best special attack weapon for Vorkath. If you can not afford it then you can use a Blowpipe, exclusively for its special attack.
  • Switch to diamond bolts between 30 and 35%.
  • Gear does NOT change if on task (blue dragons).

Melee Gear Setup for Vorkath

osrs melee vorkath gear setup

Pouch: Law/Chaos/Dust – Regular Spellbook

Both setups result in similar kills per hour (33/hr ar maximum efficiency). However, the melee method is slightly better profit per hour. Due to fewer supplies in the form of bolts being required.

Dragon Hunter Lance Setup

  • Pray Mage while attacking with the Dragon Hunter Lance through-out
  • Extended super antifire potions are required. If it is not the super variant it will not provide the maximum dragonfire protection.
  • Slayer Staff / Staff of the Dead / SOL switch will allow you to autocast the Crumble Undead Spell.
  • Dragon Claws to be used as a special attack. They are slightly better than using a Bandos Godsword. If you can not afford claws then do bring a bgs.

Budget Setup for Vorkath

osrs budget gear setup


In general, you should have at least one Antifire potion if you’re not using any of the dragonfire shields. The rest of your inventory should be filled with high healing foods, such as Sharks. You should also have your alternate ammunition and Special Attack weapon when applicable. A Rune Pouch with the runes to cast Crumble Undead is necessary for the Zombified Ice Dragonfire attack.

If you have completed the Fremennik elite diary then make sure you have the Fremennik sea boots 4 in your inventory. As the provide unlimited teleports to rellekka which is close to where Vorkath can be found.

Vorkath Mechanics

Vorkath has several abilities he uses in battle. Depending on your distance from him, he can use Magic, Ranged, or Melee.

  • Melee Attack: If in melee range of Vorkath, he can swipe at the player with a slash based attack.
  • Magic Attack: Blue projectile that deals up to 30 damage. Protect from Magic negates damage.
  • Ranged Attack: Projectile in form of spiked ball. Deals up to 32 damage. Can be negated with protect from missiles.

Outside of his regular attacks vorkath also has four types of dragonfire he will use:

  • Deadly Dragonfire Attack: Vorkath launches a giant orange ball into the sky, with its final destination projected for where the player is currently standing. The projectile is a 3×3 so move 2 tiles away to dodge it. If not dodged this attack has the capability to one hit players.
  • Pink Dragonfire Attack: Deactivates all prayers. Set-up your quick prayers to help deal with this fast.
  • Green Venom Dragonfire Attack: Can inflict venom. Use Anti-venom+ to avoid this being an issue.
  • Normal Orange Dragonfire Attack: Deals dragonfire damage. Use super extended antifire as previously noted.

For every seventh attack, he’ll use one of two Special ones. One would be an Acid Pool Quickfire Barrage. Vorkath launches acid, leaving pools scattered across the arena, then a barrage of 25 dragonfire projectiles follows. Standing in an acid pool would heal the dragon for the same amount of damage (up to 10 points). The projectiles would deal 25-41 damage per hit.

The other would be Zombified Ice Dragonfire. Vorkath spews ice dragonfire that freezes you and applies Ice Barrage. It simultaneously summons a zombie thrall, rendering the dragon immune to damage until the minion is killed. The zombie approaches the frozen player. It explodes if allowed, dealing up to 60 damage depending on how much HP it has. Its death or explosion lifts the dragon’s immunity and the Ice Barrage status.

All his attacks can hit for at least 30 points, and he has high enough accuracy to hit frequently with Melee. For this reason, many guides recommend going Ranged or Magic to defeat him. It would be best if you were always prepared to click two tiles away to avoid his one-shot sure-kill dragonfire attack.

On the topic of running, it depends on your preference. Whether you want to toggle running or walking on the fly or manage dodging by just walking, it’s up to you. Go with what’s more comfortable for you.

Your optimal Protection Prayer depends on your combat style and what you’re wearing. Protect from Magic is when you’re going Melee, using a Toxic Blowpipe/Book of Law with a Super Antifire potion. Use Protect from Missiles when using a crossbow with a Dragonfire Ward, Dragonfire Shield, or Anti-Dragon Shield.

Countering the Special Attacks

While the normal ones are easy to deal with, these deserve emphasis because they’re deadly and being unprepared is fatal.

There are two ways to deal with the Acid Pool attack. One way guarantees your safety, while the other is riskier but lets you attack. The first method requires you to find at least 5 clean tiles in a line to walk on. Then, you go back and forth, dodging the barrage. There’s usually a clean spot near the exit, but you can mess up the timing and have a pool land nearby.

The other method is the ‘Woox Walk,’ a technique that lets you dodge the barrage and still attack Vorkath. This is challenging to do and will award you an achievement, ‘The Walk.’ Its mechanics require tick-perfect clicking to stay in range and get a hit in, all while moving to avoid the projectiles. This works for both Ranged and Melee attacks.

Remember to reactivate prayers and toggle run (if preferred) afterward.

As for the Zombified Ice Dragonfire, you should queue up a Crumble Undead spell and carefully click the zombie spawn. Be accurate in targeting the spawn because the alternative is getting hurt. There may not be enough time to prepare another spell. Make sure your one chance counts.

Ensure you’re not still attacking Vorkath when this attack starts. Otherwise, it will result in a delay in the casting, wasting precious time. Crumble Undead is preferred because it will kill the spawn with one shot if your Magic bonus isn’t at -64 and lower.

Example Vorkath Kill

Vorkath Loot

Vorkath will always drop Superior Dragon Bones and Blue Dragonhide. Depending on the current market climate, you can sell those valuable materials on the GE for (depending on the current market climate) 21k and 3k OSRS gold. Other notable drops are weapons such as the Rune Longsword, Rune Kiteshield, and even the Battlestaff.

You can also get the chance for dragon loot (Dragon Battleaxe, Dragon Longsword, Dragon Platelegs, Dragon Plateskirt). You can use them yourself or put those OSRS items for sale on the GE. They’re pretty valuable, after all.

Runes and other kinds of dragonhide can be looted from his corpse. Vorkath can drop Black Dragonhide, which is the most expensive of all. He can also drop various Fletching materials, such as bolt tips and unfinished Dragon Bolts.

Although rare, Vorkath also drops seeds, the most expensive of which are Dragonfruit Tree Seeds, Celastrus Seeds, and Magic Seeds. In addition to those, you can get coins, Manta Rays, Dragon Bones, Diamonds, and Dragonstones.

Vorkath FAQs

Below is a list of frequently asked questions for players looking to kill Vorkath for the first time.

How many Vorkath Kills per hour?

Up to 33 kills per hour is possible with a max gear setup at Vorkath. However, most players will average around 30 kills.

Is Vorkath good for money making in OSRS?

Yes, Vorkath is among some of the best bosses for consistent profit. Players can expect profit of over 3 million gp per hour. One of the best alt money making methods to use.

Do you need Crumble Undead for Vorkath?

No, you do not need Crumbled Undead to kill Vorkath. However, it is highly recommended to have it, as it will kill the Zombified Spawn 100% of the time instantly.

How do i get a Vorkath Head?

After the quest those who wish to use the Ava’s Assembler will have to kill Vorkath to receive the Vorkath Head, which can be added to Ava’s Accumulator to make the Assembler. The Vorkath Head has a drop rate of 1/50, but is a guaranteed drop on a players 50th Vorkath kill.

Vorkath Combat Achievements

By performing various actions, you can get achievements while battling Vorkath.

  • Zombie Destroyer – Kill the zombie spawn without using Crumble Undead.
  • Stick ’em With the Pointy End – Defeat Vorkath using melee weapons only.
  • Vorkath Veteran – Win 50 battles against him.
  • Vorkath Speed-Chaser – Win an encounter within 1 minute and 15 seconds.
  • Vorkath Master – Defeat him 100 times.
  • The Walk – Hit the boss 12 times during his Acid Pool attack without getting hit.
  • Dodging the Dragon – Kill Vorkath 5 times without getting damaged by his special attacks and/or leaving the arena.
  • Extended Encounter – Win 10 times without leaving the arena.
  • The Fremennik Way – Defeat the boss using only fists.
  • Vorkath Speed-Runner – Kill him within 54 seconds.
  • Faithless Encounter – Win without losing any Prayer Points.