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Useful OSRS Discords

Service Providers


Trusted Service Disc

Visit Runehall now

Chicks Gold

Gold & Accounts

Visit Chicks Gold

skilling services

Skilling Services

Trusted Service Disc

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Free Information-based Discords

we do raids

We Do Raids

Raids related mentoring

Gear discord

Gear Discord

PvM Gear setups

ironman gear

Iron Gear Discord

Iron Gear Discord



OSRS Scammer Database

essence running

Essence Running

Find essence runners

volcanic mine

Volcanic Mine

Find VM teams

combat achievement discord

CA Discord

Combat Achievement Team finder

solo cm

Solo CoX & CM

Solo CoX Discord

inferno speedrunning

Inferno Speedrunning

Advanced Inferno

Oldschool Runescape Discords

Above we have some of the most popular and well used discords in the OSRS community. Many of which have thousands of members and provide useful information on PvM related content such as raids, inferno, slayer and more. While other discords can be leveraged in order to find teams for niche content such as Volcanic mine and essence runners. You can even find databases such as Runewatch, that record and track known scammers, helpful for minimising risk when raiding or PvMing in split teams.