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OSRS Hosidius Favour Guide

osrs hosidius house favor guide

Before delving into the favor-earning methods, it’s essential to understand what the Hosidius house represents. Hosidius is known for its rich farmlands and lush crops, making it a hub for agriculture and food production. By gaining favor with Hosidius, players gain access to various perks related to farming and cooking.

Getting Started with Hosidius Favor

To start earning favor with the Hosidius house, you’ll first need to find the house’s base, which is located in the northern part of Great Kourend. You can easily reach it by using the Kourend Castle teleport on the Xeric’s Talisman or by walking from the city’s center.

Completing Client Requests

Client Requests are the primary method of earning favor with Hosidius. Head to the house’s estate agent, located near the center of Hosidius, and speak to him to view your client’s requests. Completing these tasks will reward you with favor points, but be prepared for random requests as they can vary greatly.

Farming Contracts

Farming Contracts offer another efficient way to earn Hosidius favor. Speak to a farmer near the center of Hosidius to start your contract. Completing these tasks, such as planting and harvesting specific crops, not only provides you with favor but also helps improve your farming skill.

Plowing Fields

Hosidius also rewards players for plowing and fertilizing the fields around the estate. Grab a plow and seed dibber from a nearby tool leprechaun and get to work. This method is consistent for earning favor, and you can even gain some farming experience along the way. Which players can stock up on by buying money.

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Tithe Farm Minigame

For a more structured way to earn Hosidius favor, consider participating in the Tithe Farm minigame. Located in the Hosidius House, this activity focuses on planting, harvesting, and depositing produce in exchange for favor points. While it can be repetitive, it provides a steady stream of favor and farming experience.

Avoiding Favor Drain

It’s essential to note that as you earn favor with one house, you may lose favor with another. To maintain Hosidius favor, avoid engaging in activities that drain favor with opposing houses. For Hosidius, this means refraining from activities that support the Shayzien or Piscarilius houses.