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OSRS 1-99 Thieving Guide

osrs thieving guide

Thieving is a crucial skill in OSRS that allows players to steal from various NPCs, chests, and stalls. Achieving level 99 Thieving is a significant milestone for any adventurer, as it unlocks lucrative money-making methods and provides access to exclusive content. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through the journey from level 1 to 99 Thieving, outlining efficient training methods, useful tips, and the rewards you can expect along the way.

Getting Started

To embark on your journey to 99 Thieving, you must first understand the basics of the skill. Thieving involves stealing from various NPCs and objects found throughout the game world. As you gain experience and levels, you’ll unlock more profitable and efficient methods. Here are the essential steps to begin your Thieving journey:

Starting Out (Levels 1-5)

At the beginning of your Thieving journey, you’ll want to pickpocket Men or Women found in various cities like Lumbridge and Varrock. This low-level training method offers minimal experience but is a safe and simple way to start.

Joining a Thieving Guild (Levels 38+)

At level 38 Thieving, you can access the Thieving Guild in Hosidius, Kourend. Joining the guild provides various benefits, including faster experience rates, access to the bank, and access to blackjacking, which is a more efficient training method.

Understanding Experience and Rewards

Keep in mind that Thieving experience is gained with each successful theft or pickpocket. As you level up, you’ll unlock new methods, and eventually, you’ll be able to steal more valuable items. Additionally, Thieving rewards include access to exclusive shops, shortcuts, and lucrative money-making methods.

Efficient Training Methods Reaching level 99 Thieving requires a combination of patience and efficiency. Here are some of the most effective training methods to help you level up quickly:

Blackjacking (Levels 45-99)

Blackjacking is a highly efficient training method that involves knocking out NPCs and pickpocketing them while they are unconscious. This method provides fast experience rates but requires focus and precision. Start with Bearded Pollnivnian Bandits and move on to Menaphite Thugs as you level up.

Pyramid Plunder (Levels 91-99)

Pyramid Plunder is a mini-game located in Sophanem. At level 91 Thieving, you can start plundering the pyramid for experience and Pharaoh’s scepters, which can be sold for a significant profit.

Ardougne Knights (Levels 55-99)

Ardougne Knights are an excellent source of Thieving experience and can be pickpocketed starting at level 55 Thieving. They are located in Ardougne and can be a profitable training method when combined with the Rogue’s Outfit.

Master Farmers (Levels 38-99)

Master Farmers offer a decent experience rate and the opportunity to obtain valuable seeds, herbs, and other resources. Start pickpocketing them in Draynor Village at level 38 Thieving.

Dodging Guards (Levels 70-99)

At level 70 Thieving, you can attempt to dodge guards in various cities, such as Ardougne and Varrock. This method provides moderate experience and the chance to loot valuable items from their pockets.

Tips and Tricks

To maximize your Thieving efficiency and success, consider these tips and tricks:

Use Full Rogue’s Outfit The Rogue’s Outfit, obtained through the Rogue’s Den mini-game, provides a 2.5% experience boost when worn. It’s highly recommended for Thieving training.

Keep an Eye on Your Hitpoints Blackjacking can be dangerous, as it involves taking damage from NPCs. Pay attention to your Hitpoints and bring food to heal when necessary.

Utilize Skills Necklace (Optional) The Skills Necklace offers a teleport to the Fishing Guild, which is near the Thieving Guild. It can be handy for quickly banking your loot during Thieving sessions.

Plan Your Routes When pickpocketing or performing heists, plan your routes to minimize running time and maximize experience gains.

Prioritize Pyramid Plunder at Higher Levels Once you reach level 91 Thieving, consider spending a significant portion of your training time in Pyramid Plunder to obtain Pharaoh’s scepters for profit.