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OSRS Dragonfire Shield

The Dragonfire Shield in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a coveted and powerful defensive item that players aspire to acquire. Crafted by attaching a Draconic Visage to an Anti-Dragon Shield, this iconic piece of armor offers unrivaled protection against dragonfire attacks. Its unique ability allows players to mitigate and reflect dragon breath attacks, rendering them largely ineffective.

Dragonfire Shield Stats

osrs dfs stats
DFS Stats

Attack Bonuses:

  • Stab: +7
  • Slash: +8
  • Crush: +6
  • Magic: -10
  • Ranged: +7

Defensive Bonuses:

  • Stab: +70
  • Slash: +75
  • Crush: +72
  • Magic: -10
  • Ranged: +72

Other Bonuses:

  • Strength: +0
  • Prayer: +5

Special Ability:

  • The primary feature of the Dragonfire Shield is its special ability to reduce and mitigate dragonfire attacks. When charged, the shield provides three possible levels of protection:
    • Protect from Dragonfire: When using the shield’s special attack, you are protected from dragonfire attacks for one hit.
    • Protect from Dragon Breath: Using the special attack again provides protection from dragon breath attacks for one hit.
    • Superheat Item: You can also use the shield’s special attack to superheat ores.

Charging the Dragonfire Shield:

  • The Dragonfire Shield must be charged with the Draconic visage to enable its dragonfire protection abilities. The Draconic visage is an extremely rare drop from high-level dragons such as the King Black Dragon and the Kalphite Queen. After attaching the visage to the shield, it becomes charged.


To wield the Dragonfire Shield, you need a Defense level of 75.


  • The Dragonfire Shield is especially valuable for combat against dragons, including the King Black Dragon, the Queen Black Dragon, metal dragons, brutal green dragons, and other dragon-type creatures. It provides excellent protection against their dragonfire attacks.
  • It’s also sought after for use in the fight against the Wintertodt in the Wintertodt boss fight, where dragonfire attacks can be deadly without the shield’s protection.

The Dragonfire Shield is a prized item in OSRS due to its unique dragonfire protection ability, which makes it an essential piece of equipment for various dragon-slaying activities.