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OSRS Phantom Muspah Guide

osrs phantom muspah guide

Phantom Muspah is a unique and challenging boss encounter in OSRS, located within the Fate of the Gods questline. To take on this formidable foe, you’ll need a combination of combat skills, strategy, and some preparation. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to defeat the Phantom Muspah.

Skill Requirements

To effectively battle the Phantom Muspah, it’s recommended to have the following stats:

  • 75 Magic (for Ice Barrage or Blood Barrage)
  • 70 Ranged (for Crystal bow)
  • 70 Defense (for Dragonhide armor)
  • 70 Prayer (for Piety or Rigour)
  • 70 Constitution (to survive the battle)

Gear and Inventory Setup

  • Weapon: A high-tier weapon like the Noxious Staff, Chaotic Staff, or Armadyl Crossbow is recommended.
  • Armor: Wear armor with high Magic or Ranged defense bonuses, such as Karil’s or Armadyl.
  • Prayer: Bring Prayer-boosting gear like Proselyte or Elite Void Knight gear. Piety and Rigour are essential.
  • Food and Potions: Bring plenty of Saradomin brews and Super restore potions. Some prayer potions and a familiar pouch for emergency food are also wise choices.
  • Teleport: A charged Amulet of Glory or the Ardougne Cloak is useful for quick escapes if necessary.

Understanding the Fight

The Phantom Muspah has multiple phases, with each phase having its unique mechanics. You’ll need to pay close attention and adapt as the battle progresses. The main mechanics include:

  • Ice Prison: During the fight, the Muspah can encase you in ice. You’ll need to break free using your chosen combat style.
  • Minions: The Muspah will summon minions throughout the battle. Deal with them swiftly to avoid being overwhelmed.
  • Special Attacks: Watch out for special attacks like the Muspah’s charge attack; it can deal significant damage.


  • Phase Transitions: Be prepared to switch between Magic and Ranged attacks, as the Muspah’s protection prayers change during the fight.
  • Minions: Prioritize killing the minions to prevent them from overwhelming you. Use area-of-effect abilities if possible.
  • Protection Prayers: Keep an eye on the Muspah’s protection prayers and adjust your attack accordingly.
  • Prayer and Health Management: Use your Prayer points wisely and sip Saradomin brews to keep your health high.
  • Anticipation and Freedom: Utilize abilities like Anticipation and Freedom to mitigate the effects of the ice prison and special attacks.