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OSRS Ava’s Assembler

osrs Ava's Assembler

Ava’s Assembler is a highly sought-after item in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). This powerful ranged cape, an upgrade from Ava’s Accumulator, offers exceptional benefits to marksmen. Players can obtain it by completing the elite Western Provinces Diary and then upgrading the Accumulator. Ava’s Assembler not only provides a range bonus but also collects ammunition, such as arrows and darts, saving players valuable resources during combat.

Ava’s Assembler Stats

Ava’s Assembler Stats


To obtain Ava’s Assembler, players must have level 70 Ranged and have completed the Animal Magnetism quest.

Benefits and Features:

  1. Ammunition Collection: Ava’s Assembler has the ability to collect most types of ammunition that you fire while using a ranged weapon. This means that arrows, darts, and bolts that you shoot have a chance to be returned to your backpack instead of being lost, which can save you money and time on ammunition.
  2. Ranged Attack Bonus: The assembler provides a small Ranged Attack bonus, which can improve your accuracy when using ranged weapons.
  3. Special Effect: In addition to the ammunition collection and ranged attack bonus, Ava’s Assembler has a special effect. It increases the player’s Ranged Attack and Defense by 2% while worn. This bonus increases to 5% when using Void Knight equipment.

Upgrading from Ava’s Device:

To obtain Ava’s Assembler, players need to speak to Ava in Draynor Manor after completing Dragon Slayer II. Ava will upgrade your Ava’s Device to Ava’s Assembler for a fee. This upgrade is worthwhile for many players, as it offers better benefits than the basic Ava’s Device.