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OSRS Firemaking Guide

osrs firemaking guide

Firemaking is a non-combat skill that involves lighting fires. By burning logs, you gain Firemaking experience points (XP). These XP points accumulate as you burn higher-level logs, helping you progress to level 99.

Basic Firemaking Methods

Logs and Bonfires

At lower levels, you’ll start with basic logs like regular logs and oak logs. Light these logs individually until you reach level 60. Afterward, you can opt for more efficient methods like bonfires, which require level 60 Firemaking.


Bonfires are a fantastic way to train Firemaking efficiently and are the preferred method for many players. You can create bonfires by adding logs to an existing bonfire started by another player. This method is not only social but also provides Firemaking XP at an accelerated rate. You can start making bonfires at level 60 Firemaking and continue until level 99.

Intermediate Firemaking Methods


The Wintertodt is a boss-like encounter located in the northern reaches of the forsaken land of Zeah. It’s a great way to train Firemaking while obtaining valuable resources like herbs, seeds, and gems. To access Wintertodt, you need level 50 Firemaking and completion of the “Client of Kourend” quest.

Pyromancer Outfit

While training at the Wintertodt, aim to obtain pieces of the Pyromancer outfit. Wearing the complete set increases Firemaking XP gained from burning logs and provides protection against the cold in the Wintertodt area. This outfit greatly enhances the efficiency of Firemaking training.

Advanced Firemaking Methods

Teak and Mahogany Logs

At level 60 Firemaking, you can start burning teak and mahogany logs for more significant XP gains. These logs provide substantial XP compared to earlier logs. You can also fletch the logs into items for additional XP or profit.

Redwood Logs

Redwood logs are the highest level logs available for Firemaking, requiring level 90 Firemaking to burn. They offer excellent XP per log and can be a viable option for players looking to maximize XP gains.

Special Firemaking Activities

Firemaking Dailies

Participating in Firemaking dailies, such as the Phoenix Lair and Shades of Mort’ton, can be a fun way to earn extra Firemaking XP. These activities often involve unique mechanics and offer rewards in addition to XP.

Firemaking Skillcape

Once you reach level 99 Firemaking, you can purchase the Firemaking skillcape from Ignatius Vulcan in the Wintertodt camp. The skillcape provides a range of perks, including the ability to light permanent fires.

Efficient Training Tips

Use Pyrelord Familiar

Summoning a Pyrelord familiar can be incredibly useful, as it automatically sends logs from your inventory to the bonfire. This saves you time and streamlines the training process.

Pay Attention to Bonus XP

Participate in in-game events or use bonus XP lamps on Firemaking to expedite your progress. Keep an eye on promotions and events that offer bonus XP, such as the “Double XP Weekend.”

Calculate Costs

Keep track of the costs associated with your chosen Firemaking method. While some methods are efficient, they may be expensive. Balancing efficiency with your budget is essential.