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OSRS 1-99 Crafting Guide

osrs crafting guide

Before diving into the specifics, it’s crucial to understand the fundamental concepts of Crafting in OSRS. Crafting involves turning raw materials into finished products using various methods. You’ll gain Crafting experience points (XP) for each item you create. The higher the value of the item, the more XP you’ll receive.

Starting Out: Levels 1-52

To begin your journey to 99 Crafting, you’ll need to start with low-level items and gradually work your way up. Here’s a breakdown of the early levels:

Level 1-7: Leather Items

Start by crafting leather items such as gloves, boots, or cowhide armor. These items are inexpensive and provide a decent amount of experience.

Level 7-20: Gold Jewelry

Crafting gold jewelry, like rings or necklaces, is a cost-effective way to level up your Crafting. Gold bars can be obtained by mining or purchasing.

Level 20-52: Cutting Gems

Gems can be cut at level 20 Crafting, and this method offers good experience rates. Start with sapphires and work your way up to dragonstones as your level progresses.

Mid-Level Crafting: Levels 52-75

Once you’ve reached level 52, you’ll unlock new crafting methods and materials that will speed up your journey to 99. Here are some recommended activities:

Level 52-66: Battlestaves

Crafting battlestaves is a popular method in this level range. You’ll need to purchase battlestaffs and orbs, then combine them to create battlestaves. This method offers both XP and a decent profit.

Level 66-75: Green Dragonhide Armor

Crafting green dragonhide bodies, chaps, and vambraces can be profitable and offers good XP rates. Buy green dragonhides and craft them into armor pieces at a crafting table in Al Kharid.

High-Level Crafting: Levels 75-99

As you approach level 75, you’ll have access to even more profitable crafting methods. Here’s how to continue your journey:

Level 75-99: Black Dragonhide Armor

Crafting black dragonhide armor is one of the most efficient methods for reaching 99 Crafting. You’ll need black dragonhides and thread to create bodies, chaps, and vambraces. This method offers high XP rates and good profits.

Level 89-99: Amethyst Cutting

At level 92 Crafting, you can cut amethyst, which offers excellent XP rates and profit. Cutting amethyst can be an excellent way to finish your journey to 99 Crafting.

Additional Tips and Tricks

Use Bonus Experience

If you have bonus experience in Crafting from events or lamps, consider using it wisely. Activating bonus XP can significantly speed up your leveling process.

Keep an Eye on the Market

Crafting can be a profitable skill. Stay updated on the prices of items you craft, and choose the most profitable ones to maximize your earnings.

Complete Quests

Some quests, like the “Hand in the Sand,” offer Crafting XP rewards. Completing these quests can give you a nice XP boost.

Crafting Guild

The Crafting Guild in Al Kharid is accessible at level 40 Crafting. Inside, you’ll find a bank, pottery wheel, and spinning wheel, making it a convenient place to train Crafting.

Efficient Training Methods

Efficiency is key when aiming for level 99. Here are some tips to train Crafting efficiently:

Utilize Teletabs

Crafting teletabs, such as house or minigame teletabs, can be a profitable and efficient way to gain experience. Create them using soft clay and the appropriate runes.

Gem Cutting

Cutting gems can be efficient and profitable, especially if you acquire gems through various activities like Slayer or Mining.

Balancing Profit and Experience

Throughout your journey to 99 Crafting, you’ll have opportunities to make a profit. Consider your goals carefully. If you prioritize profit, focus on high-value items like battlestaves or amethyst cutting. If you want to level up quickly, choose methods with high XP rates, even if they are less profitable.