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OSRS 1-99 Fletching Guide

osrs fletching guide

Fletching is the skill of crafting ammunition, including arrows, darts, bolts, and bows. To start training Fletching, you’ll need a knife, feathers, and logs or bars. The higher your Fletching level, the more advanced items you can create, and the more experience you’ll gain per item crafted. Achieving 99 Fletching will require dedication, patience, and the right approach.

Starting Your Fletching Journey

Before diving into Fletching, it’s essential to complete some prerequisites:

  • Woodcutting: Cutting logs yourself or buying them is a cost-effective way to obtain materials for Fletching.
  • Feathers: Gather a substantial number of feathers by killing chickens or purchasing them from the Grand Exchange.
  • Knife: Obtain a knife, which can be bought from various NPCs or crafted.
  • Fletching Supplies: Prepare your supplies, including logs or bars and feathers.

Once you’ve secured these resources, it’s time to begin your journey to 99 Fletching.

Training Methods

There are several Fletching training methods available in OSRS, each with its own experience rates and costs. The choice of method largely depends on your budget and personal preferences.

  • Arrow Making: Creating headless arrows, bronze to rune arrows, or broad arrows is a cost-effective way to train Fletching. It offers reasonable experience rates while remaining budget-friendly.
  • Dart Making: Making dart tips and attaching feathers is a quick and relatively cheap way to gain Fletching experience. While this method doesn’t offer substantial profits, it is efficient for training.
  • Broad Arrow Making: Broad arrowheads are a fantastic way to train Fletching if you’ve unlocked the Slayer reward. They provide excellent experience and can be profitable when combined with Slayer assignments.
  • Bolt Making: Crafting bolts, such as rune bolts or amethyst broad bolts, is another viable Fletching method. It can be profitable and offers decent experience rates.

Maximizing Experience

To achieve 99 Fletching efficiently, consider the following methods to maximize your experience gains:

  • Bonus Experience: Save bonus experience from events like Treasure Hunter or quest rewards for Fletching. Use it during double experience events or when training costly methods.
  • Double XP Weekends: Take advantage of Double XP Weekends to significantly boost your Fletching experience gains. Plan your training around these events for maximum efficiency.
  • Fletching Outfits: Equip the Fletching outfit, which can be obtained through the Temple Trekking minigame, to receive experience bonuses when crafting headless arrows or dart tips. Additionally, consider using the Artisan’s outfit for an extra boost.

Money-Making Opportunities

Fletching can be a profitable skill if you choose the right items to craft. Here are some money-making opportunities:

  • Flights of Fancy: Crafting rune darts or rune dart tips can yield substantial profits. Keep an eye on the Grand Exchange prices and choose the most profitable darts to craft.
  • Broad Arrowheads: If you’ve unlocked the Slayer reward, crafting broad arrowheads can be a lucrative option. Completing Slayer assignments while creating these arrowheads can further increase your profits.
  • Stringing Bows: Stringing bows, especially yew or magic longbows, can generate income while training Fletching. This method is slower but provides a steady stream of gold.

Fletching Milestones

As you progress toward level 99 Fletching, you’ll achieve various milestones that unlock new items and offer new training opportunities. Some notable milestones include:

  • Broad Bolts: At level 55 Fletching, you can craft broad bolts, which are highly sought after for Slayer tasks.
  • Amethyst Broad Bolts: At level 92 Fletching, you unlock the ability to create amethyst broad bolts, providing substantial experience and profit.
  • 99 Fletching Cape: Upon reaching level 99 Fletching, you can purchase the prestigious Fletching cape from the Fletching Master for a well-deserved accomplishment.

Reaching 99 Fletching in OSRS is a remarkable achievement that opens up various gameplay possibilities, from bossing to PvP combat. By following the methods and tips outlined in this guide, you can efficiently train Fletching while enjoying the financial benefits that come with it. Whether you choose to train for profit or pure experience, remember that dedication and perseverance are key to mastering this skill. Good luck on your journey to 99 Fletching!