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OSRS Best Strength Training Weapon

the best weapon for strength training in OSRS

When it comes to OSRS, players are often on a quest to strengthen their characters and master combat skills. Strength training is a vital aspect of character development in this medieval fantasy world. To become a formidable warrior, you need the right weapons. In this guide, we’ll explore the best strength training weapons in OSRS, helping you make an informed choice to level up your combat game.

The Abyssal Tentacle: A Whipping Good Time

The Abyssal Tentacle is a weapon favored by many OSRS players for strength training. It’s created by attaching a Kraken Tentacle to an Abyssal Whip. This unique weapon not only boasts a high strength bonus but also a fast attack speed, making it an excellent choice for those looking to deal damage quickly while leveling up their strength.

The Saradomin Sword: Divine Strength

For those who prefer a more traditional, yet powerful, approach to strength training, the Saradomin Sword is a solid option. This two-handed sword offers a substantial strength bonus and a special attack that increases your accuracy and damage for a short time, making it effective in both training and combat situations.

The Granite Maul: Pure Force

The Granite Maul is a popular choice among strength trainers due to its speed and high maximum hit. Its special attack, which allows for two quick and powerful strikes in succession, can be a game-changer in battles. Its affordability also makes it an accessible option for players on a budget.

The Abyssal Bludgeon: Crushing Power

The Abyssal Bludgeon is a top-tier strength training weapon, crafted from three Abyssal Daggers. It boasts an impressive strength bonus and a high attack speed. This weapon is particularly effective when used in combination with the “Dharok’s Set,” allowing players to maximize their damage output while training.

The Dragon Scimitar: Speed and Efficiency

Although not as powerful as some other weapons on this list, the Dragon Scimitar is an excellent choice for players who value attack speed. It’s relatively affordable and offers a solid strength bonus, making it an efficient weapon for those who want to level up their strength quickly.

The Elder Maul: A Brutal Beast

For those who’ve reached a high combat level and are ready to wield a truly devastating weapon, the Elder Maul is the pinnacle of strength training. It boasts an incredible strength bonus and a special attack that can deal massive damage to opponents. However, obtaining this weapon is no small feat, as it requires defeating the challenging Chambers of Xeric raid.

The Barrelchest Anchor: Unconventional Strength

The Barrelchest Anchor is an unconventional but effective choice for strength training. It has a high strength bonus and a unique special attack that can hit with incredible force. Obtaining this weapon involves completing the Great Brain Robbery quest, making it a worthy reward for those who are up for the challenge.