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OSRS Granite Mining Guide

osrs granite mining guide

Granite mining involves extracting granite rocks from the quarry located in the Kebos Lowlands region. To begin, you’ll need a Mining level of 45 and a pickaxe, preferably a rune or dragon pickaxe for maximum efficiency.

Basics of Granite Mining

1. Quarry Location

The granite quarry is situated in the southwestern part of the Kebos Lowlands. You can reach it quickly using the Farming Guild’s skills necklace teleport.

osrs where to mine granite rocks

2. Mining Method

Granite mining differs from other mining activities in OSRS. You’ll mine 2 granite rocks at once instead of the usual one. However, it requires multiple actions to complete, making it slightly more complex.

3. Drop Trick

To maximize efficiency, players often use a “drop trick” method. This involves dropping the mined granite as it accumulates in your inventory. This keeps your inventory clear and allows for continuous mining.

Advanced Granite Mining Techniques

1. Powermining

Once you’ve mastered the basics, consider “powermining.” This means dropping the granite as soon as you mine it, without banking the ores. It’s an efficient method for gaining experience but not recommended for profit.

2. Banking Granite

To profit from granite mining, bank the mined granite. This method is less experience-intensive but can provide valuable raw materials for crafting.

3. Utilize the Camulet

The Camulet, obtained during the Enakhra’s Lament quest, offers a quick teleport to the quarry. Using this amulet streamlines your mining trips.

4. Efficient Use of Run Energy

Granite mining can be energy-intensive. Use energy-restoring items or familiarize yourself with run energy management to extend your mining sessions.