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OSRS Abyssal Bludgeon

The Abyssal Bludgeon is a formidable weapon in OSRS, prized for its crushing power and unique design. Crafted from three abyssal daggers, it’s a two-handed crush weapon primarily used by strength-focused players. What sets the Abyssal Bludgeon apart is its special attack, “Quick Smash,” which delivers a devastating blow with increased accuracy and damage potential, making it a favored choice for boss fights and player-versus-player combat.

Abyssal Bludgeon Stats

osrs abyssal bludgeon stats
Abyssal Bludgeon Stats

Attack Bonuses:

  • Stab: +0
  • Slash: +0
  • Crush: +85
  • Magic: -0
  • Ranged: -0

Defence Bonuses:

  • Stab: +0
  • Slash: +0
  • Crush: +0
  • Magic: -0
  • Ranged: -0

Other Bonuses:

  • Strength Bonus: +85
  • Prayer Bonus: +0


To wield the Abyssal Bludgeon, you need an Attack level of 70 and a Strength level of 70.

Obtaining the Abyssal Bludgeon:

The Abyssal Bludgeon is created by combining three parts: the Abyssal Dagger, the Abyssal Bludgeon Spine, and the Abyssal Bludgeon Claw. To combine these parts, you must use them on the creation altar in the Kourend Catacombs. Each part is obtained separately:

  • Abyssal Dagger: It can be obtained as a drop from Abyssal Demons.
  • Abyssal Bludgeon Spine and Claw: These are obtained as rare drops from Abyssal Sire, a boss located in the Slayer-only area of the Kourend Catacombs.


  • The Abyssal Bludgeon is highly valued for its impressive melee strength bonus, making it a popular choice for players looking to maximize their melee damage output.
  • It is often used in boss fights, Slayer tasks, and other high-level combat encounters where melee combat is the preferred choice.
  • The Abyssal Bludgeon has a crush attack style, which can be useful against enemies with lower crush defense, although it may not be as effective against enemies with high crush defense.
  • Due to its high Strength bonus, the Abyssal Bludgeon is a preferred choice for training the Strength skill, as it can help players hit higher and train more efficiently.

The Abyssal Bludgeon is a valuable and sought-after melee weapon in OSRS, favoured for its strength and accuracy bonuses, making it a powerful choice for players engaged in melee combat scenarios.