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OSRS Abyssal Dagger

osrs abyssal dagger

The Abby Dagger is a unique weapon with roots in the Abyssal Demon Slayer questline. To obtain this dagger, players must complete the “Abyssal Sire” boss fight, which is considered one of the most challenging encounters in the game. The dagger is a rare drop from this formidable foe, making it a coveted item among OSRS adventurers.

Abby Dagger Stats

Stats and Requirements:

  • Attack Requirement: 70 Attack.
  • Special Attack Energy: 50%.

Combat Stats:

  • Slash Attack Bonus: +75.
  • Crush Attack Bonus: +45.
  • Stab Attack Bonus: +0.
  • Strength Bonus: +75.

Special Attack:

  • The Abyssal Dagger has a special attack called “Abyssal Puncture.” It consumes 50% of your special attack energy.
  • When activated, it has a chance to hit twice in quick succession. If both hits are successful, the special attack can deal massive damage, potentially KO-ing an opponent.
  • The special attack is popular in player-versus-player (PvP) combat due to its high damage potential.

How To Get The Abyssal Dagger:

  • The Abyssal Dagger can be obtained as a rare drop from Abyssal Sire, a boss monster located in the Slayer Tower.
  • You can also purchase it from other players in the Grand Exchange or through player trading.