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OSRS Best AFK Training Methods

osrs best AFK training methods

Old School RuneScape is known for its grind-heavy gameplay, but what if you could make progress in your skills while being mostly AFK (Away From Keyboard)? Thankfully, there are several training methods that allow you to do just that. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best AFK training methods in OSRS, helping you maximize your skill gains with minimal effort.

NMZ (Nightmare Zone) Magic Training

If you’re looking for a nearly effortless way to level up your Magic skill, NMZ is the answer. To start, complete the “Rum Deal” quest to unlock the ability to imbue your Magic gear at NMZ. Then, enter NMZ with your imbued gear, set your autocast spell to a high-hitting spell like Ice Burst or Ice Barrage, and activate “absorption potions” along with “overload” potions. Your character will automatically attack and gain Magic experience while you sit back and relax. NMZ is an excellent choice for those who want to level Magic while doing other activities.

Woodcutting with Redwood Trees

For a relatively AFK method that also offers decent profit, consider cutting redwood trees. Redwood trees require a Woodcutting level of 90 and can be found in the Woodcutting Guild. While they have a slower respawn time, the experience gained per log is substantial, making it a great way to level up Woodcutting while making some gold.

Motherlode Mine for Mining

The Motherlode Mine is an ideal option for leveling up Mining with minimal attention. Equipped with a rune or dragon pickaxe, you can enter the mine and start mining pay-dirt. Once your inventory is full, deposit the pay-dirt into the hopper and continue. As you accumulate nuggets, you can trade them for experience-boosting items, like the Prospector Kit and the Coal Bag, further enhancing your AFK experience.

Fishing: Barbarian Fishing & Sacred Eels

Fishing can also be an AFK-friendly skill to train. Barbarian Fishing, as mentioned earlier, offers the dual benefit of training Fishing and Strength simultaneously. Alternatively, Sacred Eels found in Zul-Andra provide Fishing, Cooking, and Fletching experience when you fish them, combining AFK training with the potential for profit.

Skeletal Wyverns for Range & Melee

If you’re interested in training your Ranged or Melee stats, Skeletal Wyverns can be a profitable and semi-AFK option. Equipped with appropriate gear and protection from dragonfire, you can camp at these creatures, attack them, and collect valuable drops while gaining combat experience.

Blood Runes

For those brave enough to venture into the Abyss, Runecrafting Blood Runes can be a semi-AFK training method. With a large rune pouch and the best pouch available for your Runecrafting level, you can craft Blood Runes efficiently while avoiding combat and earning experience.