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OSRS Blood Runecrafting Guide

osrs blood runecrafting guide

Blood runecrafting is a skill that allows you to craft blood runes, one of the most valuable runes in OSRS. These runes are in high demand for both combat and high-level spells. To get started, you’ll need a few prerequisites:

1. Blood Talisman or Blood Tiara

You must obtain a Blood talisman or Blood tiara to access the blood altar.

2. Runecrafting Level

You should have a Runecrafting level of at least 77 to craft blood runes.

Accessing the Blood Altar

The blood altar is located in the Arceuus essence mine, which is accessible via the mine cart system. To reach this area, complete the Architectural Alliance mini-quest. Once there, mine dense essence blocks and craft dense essence blocks into dark essence blocks using a chisel. Then, use the dark essence blocks on the blood altar to access it.

osrs blood runecrafting how to get there

Crafting Blood Runes

To craft blood runes, use your essence pouches or rune pouches filled with dense essence blocks and click on the blood altar. Each essence pouch or rune pouch can hold a specific amount of essence, and they degrade with use. Therefore, it’s essential to bring extra essence with you to maximize your runs.

Maximizing Experience and Profit

To get the most out of blood runecrafting, consider these advanced tips:

1. Abyssal Nexus

Unlock the Abyssal Nexus with a Runecrafting level of 90. This allows you to create an even larger rune pouch, further increasing your rune per trip ratio.

2. Stamina Potions

Stamina potions can help reduce fatigue and increase the number of runs you can make in a single trip.

3. NPC Contact Spell

Unlock the Lunar spell “NPC Contact” to remotely contact the Dark Mage in the Abyss for repairs and pouches refilling.

4. Wilderness Blood Runecrafting

While risky, crafting blood runes in the Wilderness offers significantly more experience per hour. Be cautious of player killers and bring only what you’re willing to lose.