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OSRS Woodcutting Guild

osrs woodcutting guild

The Woodcutting Guild in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a haven for lumberjacks and tree enthusiasts alike. This secluded guild offers numerous benefits and activities for players with a passion for chopping wood. In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of the Woodcutting Guild, from its location to its unique features and perks.

Location and Requirements

Finding the Guild

The Woodcutting Guild is nestled within the Hosidius House on the Great Kourend continent. To access this guild, you’ll need to have 60 Woodcutting, making it a mid-level requirement. This ensures that players have some experience with woodcutting before they can enjoy the benefits of the guild.

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Woodcutting Guild

Hosidius House Favor

Additionally, you must earn 75% favor with the Hosidius House to enter the guild. Favor can be earned by completing various tasks and activities within the House, such as plowing fields or preparing food. Once you’ve achieved the required favor, head to the guild to reap the rewards.

Guild Features

Plentiful Trees

The Woodcutting Guild is home to an abundant variety of trees. From the common oaks and willows to the more precious teaks and mahoganies, you’ll find a wide range of trees to chop down and gather resources from. This diversity makes it a prime location for woodcutters of all levels.

Competitive Experience Rates

For those seeking efficient Woodcutting training, the guild provides some of the best experience rates in the game. Higher-level trees like redwood and magic trees can be found within the guild, allowing players to gain substantial experience while chopping down these valuable logs.

Sawmill Operator

One unique feature of the guild is the Sawmill Operator. Players can convert their logs into planks for construction purposes with a significant discount compared to using a regular sawmill. This cost-effective service is a boon for those looking to train Construction.

Bird’s Nest Drops

While woodcutting in the guild, players have a chance of receiving bird’s nests as a drop. These nests can contain various items, including valuable seeds, rings, and even clue scrolls. This additional incentive makes woodcutting in the guild even more rewarding.

Bank Deposit Box

Convenience is key in OSRS, and the Woodcutting Guild recognizes this. It features a bank deposit box, allowing players to bank their logs quickly without the need to leave the area. This feature streamlines the woodcutting process and maximizes efficiency.

Guild Perks

Farming Patch

The Woodcutting Guild boasts its farming patch where players can grow their trees. This unique feature allows woodcutters to harvest their own logs, providing a sustainable source of wood for training or profit.

Tree Health Benefit

A notable perk of chopping trees within the guild is the improved tree health. This means that the trees in the guild will deplete at a slower rate than those found elsewhere in the game. This benefit ensures that players can maintain a steady stream of logs without the need to constantly relocate.