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OSRS Barbarian Fishing Guide

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Barbarian Fishing is a unique and efficient training method in Old School RuneScape that combines both Fishing and Strength experience gains. To get started, you’ll need a minimum Fishing level of 48 and a Strength level of 15. Begin by heading to the Barbarian Outpost, located northeast of Baxtorian Falls and accessible through the Games Necklace teleport. Once there, speak to Otto Godblessed and ask to learn the ways of Barbarian Fishing. Otto will provide you with a heavy fishing rod and a barbarian rod fishing bait. Equip the heavy fishing rod and bring your preferred bait.

Getting there

To start Barbarian Fishing, use the spots to the north of Otto’s Grotto. The fastest way to get here is by using a teleport to Barbarian Assault with the games necklace and travelling south.

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To maximize your experience gains, it’s recommended to have a high Agility level since failing to catch fish may happen more frequently with lower Agility. To start fishing, you’ll be using the “Leaping Fish” option found in various fishing spots across Gielinor. These spots are near the Barbarian Outpost, in the Wilderness, and in the Ancient Cavern. Each of these spots requires different levels of Fishing, ranging from 58 to 70, so choose the spot that matches your current Fishing level.

When you fish in these spots, you’ll catch various types of fish, such as salmon and trout, as well as some unique Barbarian Fish. These Barbarian Fish can be consumed to gain both Fishing and Strength experience. Additionally, you can earn Agility experience by completing the “barbarian training” portion of this training method. To do this, simply click on the entrance to the barb agility course while having your barbarian rod equipped, and you’ll gain Agility experience along with a chance of Agility Pet Rocky.

Barbarian Fishing is an excellent way to multitask your training in Fishing, Strength, and Agility, making it a popular choice among OSRS players looking for efficient skill training. With dedication and consistency, you can achieve high levels in these skills and make substantial progress in your OSRS journey.