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OSRS Xeric’s Talisman

osrs Xeric's Talisman

Xeric’s Talisman is tied to the Great Kourend region, a vast and diverse kingdom in OSRS. It is closely associated with Xeric, a powerful figure who once ruled this land. Xeric’s influence over Great Kourend has left behind a legacy that includes various artifacts, with the talisman being one of the most coveted.

Obtaining Xeric’s Talisman

Players can obtain Xeric’s Talisman by completing the Architectural Alliance miniquest, a task that requires them to gather favor with each of the five houses in Great Kourend. Once this favor has been earned, players can speak to the Estate Agent in Hosidius, who will grant them Xeric’s Talisman as a reward for their efforts.

The Functions of Xeric’s Talisman

Xeric’s Talisman is more than just a symbol of one’s favor within Great Kourend; it’s a versatile tool with several practical uses.


One of the most significant advantages of Xeric’s Talisman is its teleportation ability. Players can use the talisman to teleport to various locations within Great Kourend, making it a valuable asset for quickly navigating this expansive region. This teleportation feature is particularly useful for accessing key areas for various activities, including farming, woodcutting, and mining.