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OSRS Shayzien Favour Guide

osrs shayzien favor guide

Before diving into favor gains, it’s crucial to understand the Shayzien House. This house, located in the city of Shayzien, is focused on maintaining law and order within the kingdom. Their military might and strategic importance make them a pivotal force in Great Kourend.

Getting Started: Speak to Lord Shayzien

To start your journey towards gaining Shayzien favor, make your way to the Shayzien House in Great Kourend. Head to the western part of the city and locate Lord Shayzien. He is your point of contact and the one who will guide you through the process of earning favor.

osrs how to get to shayzien house

Recovering Soldiers

A significant portion of Shayzien favor is earned by helping Shayzien soldiers in various tasks. These tasks are designed to improve the overall military strength of the house. Speak to Lord Shayzien to receive your first task, which typically involves healing wounded soldiers. Simply use bandages on the injured soldiers in the infirmary to gain favor.

Eliminating Lizardmen

The lizardmen threat looms large in the kingdom, and Shayzien House is dedicated to eradicating it. You can contribute to this effort by slaying lizardmen in the Lizardman Canyon. Each kill will earn you favor points. Additionally, using a lizardman slayer task from Konar or Nieve can help maximize your gains.

Barring the Gangs

Shayzien House is also responsible for maintaining order within the city. You can aid in this task by helping to eliminate the various gangs that disrupt the peace in Great Kourend. Lord Shayzien will assign you tasks to take down gang members, and successful missions will reward you with favor.

Progressive Tasks

As you earn favor with Shayzien House, Lord Shayzien will assign more challenging tasks that yield greater favor points. Keep completing these tasks to reach 100% favor with the house.

Managing Arceuus Houses Relations

Gaining Shayzien favor has a unique interaction with the Arceuus House. Gaining favor with one house may negatively impact your standing with the other. If you plan to gain favor with both houses, it’s essential to manage your relations carefully. Completing tasks for one house can be balanced by helping the other to maintain a harmonious relationship in Great Kourend.