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OSRS Piscarilius Favour Guide

osrs Piscarilius favour guide

Before embarking on your quest to earn favor, it is essential to grasp the essence of the Piscarilius House. This faction specializes in various thieving activities, smuggling, and the maintenance of Port Piscarilius, the bustling heart of their operations. To gain favor with them, you’ll need to perform tasks and activities that align with their interests and values.

The Basics of Gaining Favor

To start earning favor with the Piscarilius House, make your way to Port Piscarilius, which is located on the western coast of Great Kourend. Here, you’ll find various NPCs who will assign tasks and activities to help you build rapport. These tasks often involve thieving, fishing, and navigating the city’s treacherous canals.

Fishing and Octopi

One of the primary activities favored by the Piscarilius House is fishing for Giant Carp and catching Giant Oysters. You can find these creatures lurking in the canals and pools around Port Piscarilius. To maximize your favor gains, bring fishing equipment and fill your inventory with these sought-after catches. Hand them over to the respective NPCs in Port Piscarilius to earn favor points.

Thieving and Looting

Thieving is another way to endear yourself to the Piscarilius House. Throughout the district, you’ll discover stalls, crates, and chests ripe for pilfering. Make sure to have your thieving gear ready, as successfully stealing from these sources will contribute to your favor progress.

Repairing the Trawler

Port Piscarilius is known for its trawler, a dilapidated fishing vessel that desperately needs repairs. Joining a group of players on a Trawler trip is a fantastic way to earn favor. During the voyage, you’ll encounter various issues that require your attention, such as leaks and nets full of sea creatures. Mend these problems to accumulate favor points with the Piscarilius House.

osrs repairing fishing cranes in piscarilius

Helping Out the Locals

In Port Piscarilius, you’ll find various non-player characters with tasks and needs. These locals can offer opportunities to earn favor. Whether it’s providing a hungry fisherman with a meal or assisting a distressed merchant, interacting with the residents of Port Piscarilius can be a rewarding way to build favor.

Monitoring Your Progress

To track your favor with the Piscarilius House, you can visit Osman, an NPC located in Port Piscarilius. He will provide information on your current favor level and can reward you with additional benefits as you progress. It’s crucial to keep tabs on your favor, as some activities may become more or less efficient as you advance.