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OSRS Best Crush Weapons

osrs best crush weapon

In the ever-expansive world of Old School, combat comes in various forms. While melee, ranged, and magic are the primary combat styles, the choice of weaponry within these categories is extensive. For warriors who prefer crushing their opponents with blunt force, crush weapons offer a unique and effective option. In this guide, we explore some of the best crush weapons in OSRS.

The Mighty Abyssal Bludgeon

When it comes to raw power and effectiveness in crushing adversaries, the Abyssal Bludgeon reigns supreme. It’s a two-handed weapon with a monstrous crush bonus, making it ideal for dealing massive damage to opponents weak against crushing attacks. The Abyssal Bludgeon is often the weapon of choice for players tackling high-level bosses, such as the Abyssal Sire.

The Versatile Granite Maul

The Granite Maul is a beloved weapon among PKers (Player Killers) and PvP enthusiasts. Its special attack, known as “Instant Smash,” allows players to unleash two powerful, quick consecutive strikes, making it deadly in PvP situations. The Granite Maul’s low cost and ease of use make it a favorite for players looking to engage in close combat.

Crushing with Style: The Zamorakian Hasta

If you’re seeking a weapon that combines elegance and efficiency, the Zamorakian Hasta might be your weapon of choice. This one-handed spear has a crush attack style and is incredibly effective against monsters weak to stab attacks, such as dragons. Its special attack, “Shove,” also makes it valuable for controlling aggro in group boss encounters.

The Mauling Mace of Dharok

The Dharok’s Greataxe is a legendary weapon, well-known for its incredible strength bonus. However, it’s the Dharok’s Hammer, also known as the mace, that deserves special mention for its crush attack style. The mace is a one-handed weapon that, when used with Dharok’s set, can deal devastating damage at lower health percentages, making it a powerful choice for PvP and PvM encounters.

Mighty Mauls: The Elder Maul and the Brine Sabre

The Elder Maul is a two-handed crush weapon that packs a punch. Its high crush bonus and max hit potential make it a formidable choice for players looking to deal immense damage. It’s particularly favored in PvP scenarios for its knockout potential.

On the other hand, the Brine Sabre is a more accessible crush weapon, obtainable from the Kraken boss. While it might not have the raw power of some other options, it’s a solid choice for players on a budget, providing decent crush bonuses and special attack options.

The Best weapon to pick

The world of OSRS offers a wide array of crush weapons, each with its unique strengths and applications. Whether you’re looking for sheer power, versatility, or affordability, there’s a crush weapon to suit your needs. When choosing the best crush weapon for your adventures, consider your combat style, target, and budget. Armed with the right crush weapon, you’ll be ready to tackle the toughest challenges and adversaries that Gielinor has to offer.