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OSRS Lumberjack Outfit Guide

osrs lumberjack outfit

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), the Lumberjack Outfit is a highly sought-after cosmetic outfit that offers a 2.5% experience boost when worn while Woodcutting. Obtaining this outfit involves a mix of skill training and some RNG (Random Number Generator) luck. This guide will walk you through the steps required to acquire the Lumberjack Outfit.

lumberjack outfit osrs

How to obtain

Here comes the RNG part of obtaining the Lumberjack Outfit. Each time you purchase planks, there’s a small chance (approximately 1 in 8) that you’ll receive a piece of Lumberjack clothing instead of planks. The pieces you’re aiming for are the Lumberjack Hat, Lumberjack Top, and Lumberjack Legs.

Continue purchasing planks and hope for the best. It may take some time to collect all three pieces of the Lumberjack Outfit due to the randomness involved. Be patient, and keep an eye on your inventory for any clothing drops.

Using the outfit

Once you’ve successfully collected all three pieces of the Lumberjack Outfit, you’ll gain a 2.5% experience boost while Woodcutting when wearing the full outfit. Congratulations! This outfit will significantly enhance your Woodcutting training efficiency.