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OSRS Bank Tags Plug-in

osrs bank tags

Bank Tags is a third-party plugin for OSRS that offers a robust system for organizing and categorizing items stored in your bank. The plugin allows you to create custom tags or labels, similar to folders, and assign these tags to items in your bank. This simple yet ingenious concept transforms your chaotic bank into a well-organized inventory system, making item retrieval a breeze.

osrs bank tags plugin

Creating a System that Works for You

The flexibility of Bank Tags is one of its most significant strengths. Players can establish their own organizational system based on their needs and preferences. Whether you want to categorize items by their function (combat, skilling, questing), by their value, or by any other criteria, Bank Tags lets you do it your way.

Installing Bank Tags

To use the Bank Tags Plugin, you need to have the RuneLite client installed, as it is a plugin specifically designed for this third-party client. You can find RuneLite and instructions for installing it on the official RuneLite website. Once you have RuneLite installed, adding the Bank Tags Plugin is as simple as toggling it on in the plugin menu.