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OSRS Herbiboar Guide

osrs herbiboar guide

To embark on your journey with the Herbiboar, you’ll need to complete the Bone Voyage quest, which unlocks access to Fossil Island. Fossil Island is home to the Herbiboar and many other unique creatures and activities. Once you’ve completed Bone Voyage, head to Fossil Island to begin your Herbiboar adventures.

Tracking the Herbiboar

The primary activity of the Herbiboar is tracking. This involves finding and following tracks left behind by the creature. To get started:

  1. Find Tracks: Look for Herbiboar tracks scattered around Fossil Island. These tracks are randomly generated and can appear anywhere.
  2. Inspect Tracks: Once you find tracks, inspect them to get information about the direction and distance to the Herbiboar.
  3. Follow Tracks: Follow the tracks as they lead you to the Herbiboar’s location. Be prepared for occasional dead ends, which require you to backtrack and find the correct path.
  4. Capture the Herbiboar: When you finally locate the Herbiboar, you can capture it by using a herb sack on it. If you don’t have a herb sack, it’s advisable to bring one, as it stores herbs obtained during tracking.

Tips for Herbiboar Tracking

Patience Pays Off: Herbiboar tracking can sometimes be time-consuming, but the rewards make it worthwhile. Be patient and persistent.

Bring Herb Sack: To maximize your efficiency, bring a herb sack with you. It allows you to store herbs obtained during tracking without filling your inventory.

High Hunter Level: Having a higher Hunter level increases the frequency of herb drops, making tracking more rewarding.

Use Stamina Potions: Since tracking can involve a lot of running, consider bringing Stamina Potions to conserve energy and extend your tracking trips.

Teleport Options: Use teleportation methods like the Fossil Island Totem or the Digsite Pendant to quickly access Fossil Island.