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OSRS Herb Sack

osrs herb sack

The Herb Sack is a unique item in OSRS that was introduced to the game to help players manage the abundance of herbs they gather while training their Herblore skill. It functions as a dedicated storage space for various types of herbs, eliminating the need to keep them in your regular inventory.

The Herb Sack has a storage capacity of 420 grimy herbs. This can significantly reduce the number of trips you need to make to the bank while training your Herblore or Slayer skills.

osrs herb sack
Herb Sack

Unlocking the Herb Sack

To unlock the Herb Sack, you’ll need a few prerequisites:

  1. 75 Slayer: This is the primary requirement to access the Herb Sack. Without this level, you won’t be able to unlock or use the sack.
  2. Tithe Farm Minigame: The Herb Sack is purchased with points earned from the Tithe Farm minigame. To participate in this minigame, you’ll need 100% Hosidius House favor, which can be gained by completing various tasks in the Hosidius House.

Earning Points

Points in the Tithe Farm minigame are earned by planting and harvesting a specific type of plant called Golovanova seeds. The amount of points you earn depends on your performance, with bonus points for planting additional plants and avoiding crop deaths.

Buying the Herb Sack

Once you’ve accumulated enough points (currently 250), you can purchase the Herb Sack from Farmer Gricoller, who is located near the Tithe Farm.

Using the Herb Sack

The Herb Sack is straightforward to use. Simply right-click on grimy herbs in your inventory and select “Fill Herb Sack.” The sack will automatically store herbs until it reaches its capacity of 420. To retrieve herbs from the sack, right-click it and select “Empty Herb Sack.” The herbs will be placed back into your inventory, where you can clean them or use them as needed.