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osrs duradel guide

Duradel is not just any Slayer Master; he’s a 7th generation Slayer Master, following in the footsteps of the legendary Chaeldar. With such a storied lineage, it’s no surprise that Duradel is considered one of the most experienced and respected Slayer Masters in OSRS. His years of experience make him a go-to choice for high-level players seeking challenging tasks and lucrative rewards.

Location and Accessibility

To find Duradel, players must travel to Shilo Village, which is located in the southern part of the Karamja island. Access to Shilo Village requires completion of the Shilo Village quest, making Duradel unavailable to newer players. Once you’ve gained access, which can also be bought with OSRS Gold, you can locate him inside the building known as the “Fishing Store.” Duradel is easily recognizable by his stern appearance and the distinctive Slayer cape he wears.

Assignments and Requirements

Duradel offers Slayer assignments that cater to higher-level players. These tasks are often more challenging than those given by lower-level Slayer Masters like Turael or Mazchna. To receive assignments from Duradel, players must have a Slayer level of at least 50. Additionally, completing the “Lunar Diplomacy” quest is necessary to access some of his unique tasks.

Duradel’s assignments can range from slaying deadly dragons to vanquishing powerful demons and other formidable creatures. These assignments are not for the faint of heart, but they offer substantial rewards for those who can complete them.


The primary motivation for facing Duradel’s daunting tasks is the potential rewards. Completing his assignments can yield valuable drops, including rare and sought-after items. Some of the notable rewards from Duradel’s assignments include:

  1. Slayer Helm: By collecting various Slayer items, players can create the Slayer helmet, a powerful piece of headgear that provides combat bonuses and can be imbued for even greater effectiveness.
  2. Slayer Points: Completing Duradel’s tasks earns you Slayer reward points, which can be spent on a variety of useful items and perks, such as the Slayer ring and the ability to block or skip tasks.
  3. Experience: Alongside valuable loot, players receive Slayer experience for completing assignments. This is crucial for leveling up in the Slayer skill.
  4. Access to Rare Creatures: Duradel assigns tasks involving some of the rarest and most profitable creatures in the game, such as the Abyssal Sire and the Smoke Devil boss.