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Turael Slayer

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Slayer is a popular skill in Old School OSRS that involves killing various monsters assigned by Slayer masters. Turael is one of the Slayer masters and is known for his low-level tasks, making him an excellent choice for beginners. This guide will walk you through the basics of Turael Slayer, from how to start to maximizing your efficiency.

Starting Turael Slayer


Turael can be found in Taverley, the same town as the Druidic Ritual quest start point. His location makes him easily accessible, especially for low-level players.


To begin Slayer with Turael, you need to have completed the quest “Turael’s Slayer” and have at least 3 Combat level. This quest is a short introduction to Slayer and can be completed quickly.

How Turael Slayer Works

When you talk to Turael, he will assign you Slayer tasks. These tasks typically involve killing a certain number of a specific monster. Tasks from Turael are very basic and designed for lower-level players. They are ideal for training your combat skills while earning some Slayer experience.

Maximizing Turael Slayer Efficiency

Combat Gear and Supplies:

Since Turael Slayer tasks are low-level, you won’t need top-tier gear or supplies. Basic armor and weapons should suffice. Carry food and potions, especially for longer tasks or riskier monsters. A construction skill cape can be useful for teleports.

Task Optimization:

To maximize efficiency, try to get tasks that are close to Turael’s location or can be easily reached. This minimizes travel time between tasks, allowing you to complete them more quickly.

Cancelling Tasks:

As you progress in combat levels and Slayer, you might outgrow Turael’s tasks. When this happens, consider switching to a different Slayer master, such as Vannaka or Chaeldar, who offer more challenging tasks with better rewards.

Task Streaks:

While Turael doesn’t offer Slayer point rewards, maintaining a task streak (not resetting tasks) with other Slayer masters will grant you Slayer points, which can be used to purchase useful items, such as Slayer helmets and Slayer ring upgrades.