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OSRS CoX Lizardman Shamans Guide

osrs lizardman shamans

Shamans are reptilian creatures that reside in the Lizardman Canyon, which can be found in the southwestern part of the Great Kourend continent. They are notorious for their high combat stats and unique mechanics that set them apart from other monsters in OSRS. To access the Lizardman Canyon, players must have a 5% favor rating with the Shayzien House.

Preparing for the Battle

Before you embark on your journey to face Shamans, it’s crucial to be adequately prepared. Here are some essential steps to consider:

Gear and Equipment

  1. Protection: Given that Shamans use ranged and melee attacks, it’s advisable to wear gear that provides both Magic and Melee protection. Karil’s Crossbow or Blowpipe, along with Void Knight equipment, are popular choices.
  2. Food and Potions: Bring a substantial supply of food (Sharks, Monkfish, or better) and combat potions (Super Sets or Ranging Potions) to extend your trips and maximize your efficiency.
  3. Cannon: If you’re looking to speed up your kills, consider bringing a Dwarf Multicannon. However, keep in mind that this will aggro all Shamans in the area.


To make the task of killing Shamans more manageable, you can utilize safespots. By positioning yourself correctly behind specific rocks, you can minimize the damage taken from their ranged attacks while still dealing damage.

Prayer Protection

Protect from Missiles and Piety (if you have it unlocked) are two powerful prayers to consider using when fighting Shamans. These will significantly reduce the damage you take.

Strategies for Killing Shamans

Attack Style

Shamans are most vulnerable to Ranged attacks. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use Ranged equipment and ammunition. The Twisted Bow is the most effective weapon against Shamans due to its unique mechanics.

Killing Lizardman Shamans

Lizardman Shamans have a special attack that summons a Spiny Helmet on their head. You must destroy the helmet before dealing significant damage to the Shaman. To do this, switch to a Crush weapon (such as a Dwarven Cannon or Dragon Warhammer) and use special attacks or abilities.

Looting Shamans

Shamans drop valuable items, including the coveted Dragon Warhammer and the Xeric’s Talisman. Be prepared to deal with PKers (Player Killers) in the area, as the Lizardman Canyon is a hotspot for PvP combat. Keep your wits about you and consider using an Anti-PK setup if necessary.