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OSRS Blackjacking Guide

osrs blackjacking guide

Blackjacking is a unique and somewhat enigmatic method of training Thieving in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). This particular training technique involves pickpocketing various NPCs in the game, primarily located in Pollnivneach, to gain experience and ultimately level up your Thieving skill. While it may seem straightforward, blackjacking is known for its intricate mechanics and requires a bit of patience and practice to master.

Getting Started with Blackjacking

Before diving into blackjacking, there are a few prerequisites to consider:

  1. Thieving Level: You’ll need at least 65 Thieving to begin blackjacking successfully.
  2. Quest Requirements: Completion of the “The Feud” quest is essential, as it unlocks the ability to blackjack NPCs.
  3. Recommended Gear: Wearing lightweight and non-metallic armor such as Rogue’s equipment or H.A.M. robes can help improve your success rate and reduce the chances of being stunned during blackjacking.
  4. Inventory Setup: Prepare your inventory with noted food, such as wines or cakes, to heal yourself during the training process.


The key to blackjacking success lies in understanding the mechanics:

  1. Knocking Out: When pickpocketing, your character will attempt to knock out the NPC. To do this, you’ll need to perform three consecutive successful pickpocket attempts.
  2. Stunning: NPCs can stun you, interrupting your knock-out attempts. To minimize this, ensure you have high Thieving and use appropriate gear.
  3. Lure and Knock Out: Luring an NPC away from its original position and then knocking it out can be an efficient way to blackjack. This minimizes interruptions and maximizes experience gains.

Training Efficiency

Blackjacking is known for its high Thieving experience rates, making it one of the fastest methods to level up this skill. However, it requires a fair amount of attention and precision clicking. Training sessions can be intense, so it’s advisable to take short breaks to maintain focus.

Healing and Food Management

While blackjacking, you will inevitably take damage from failed stuns or other NPCs. Having noted food in your inventory allows you to heal quickly without wasting time banking or consuming multiple items. Simply un-note your food at Ali the Kebab Seller in Pollnivneach.