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OSRS Draynor Rooftop Agility Course Guide

Draynor Rooftop agility course

Agility training in OSRS is a crucial aspect of character development, offering numerous benefits such as faster run energy regeneration and access to shortcuts. One popular destination for agility enthusiasts is the Draynor Rooftop Agility Course. In this article, we will take a closer look at this course, covering its location, requirements, rewards, and tips to efficiently train your agility skill.

Location and Accessibility

The Draynor Rooftop Agility Course is situated in the picturesque village of Draynor, found in the eastern part of the game’s world map, just south of the city of Varrock. This course is easily accessible for both low and high-level players, making it a preferred choice for many OSRS adventurers.

To access the course, players do not need any specific quests or prerequisites. However, having higher agility levels will make the experience more efficient. The minimum agility level required to start training at Draynor Rooftop Agility Course is 10. Therefore, it’s an excellent starting point for those new to agility training.

Course Layout

The Draynor Rooftop Agility Course consists of five obstacles that players must navigate to complete one lap. These obstacles include:

  1. Rough Wall: To start the course, players must climb over a rough wall. This obstacle grants a small amount of agility experience.
  2. Tightrope: Next, adventurers will traverse a tightrope, testing their balance and agility. Successfully crossing the tightrope rewards additional agility experience.
  3. Narrow Wall: After the tightrope, players will need to leap across a narrow wall, further enhancing their agility skills.
  4. Wall Climb: Climbing the wall requires significant agility, and completing this obstacle provides a substantial experience boost.
  5. Gap Jump: The final obstacle is a gap jump, which challenges a player’s agility and coordination. Successfully clearing this jump provides the highest amount of agility experience per lap.