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OSRS Crafting Battlestaves

osrs crafting battlestaves

Before diving into the crafting process, it’s essential to understand what battlestaves are and why they are valuable. Battlestaves are wieldable magic weapons that can be used for both melee combat and casting spells. They come in different elemental varieties, such as fire, water, air, earth, and even a combination of two elements. Players find battlestaves highly valuable for their versatility and the possibility of selling them for a profit.

Skill Requirements

Crafting battlestaves requires two primary skills: Crafting and Magic. You’ll need to ensure your character has reached a sufficient level in both to craft and enchant these items effectively.

  1. Crafting: To craft battlestaves, you should aim for a Crafting level of at least 54, although higher levels are beneficial. A higher Crafting level allows you to craft more battlestaves per set of materials.
  2. Magic: Enchanting battlestaves demands a Magic level of 63, but 66 is preferable. This is crucial as enchantment transforms regular staves into battlestaves.

Materials Needed

The primary materials needed for crafting battlestaves are orbs, battlestaffs, and elemental runes. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll need:

  1. Battlestaffs: These are the foundation of battlestave crafting. You can purchase uncharged battlestaffs from the Grand Exchange or trade with Baba Yaga on Lunar Isle. To save money, you can also purchase uncharged orbs and create the battlestaffs yourself using the Fletching skill.
  2. Orbs: Orbs come in different elemental types, corresponding to the different battlestave varieties. You’ll need one orb per battlestaff. For example, if you’re crafting an Earth Battlestaff, you’ll need Earth Orbs.
  3. Elemental Runes: To enchant the battlestaves, you’ll need elemental runes. The number of runes depends on the specific enchantment spell you use. For example, enchanting a Fire Battlestaff requires Fire Runes.

Crafting Process

Now that you have the necessary materials and skill levels, it’s time to embark on the battlestaff crafting journey:

  1. Obtain Battlestaffs: Either buy uncharged battlestaffs from the Grand Exchange or create them by attaching orbs to battlestaffs using the Fletching skill.
  2. Enchant Battlestaffs: Travel to the appropriate altar with the elemental runes required to enchant your battlestaffs. Use the enchantment spell corresponding to the type of battlestaff you want to create. This process will turn your regular staff into a battlestaff.
  3. Bank and Repeat: After enchanting your battlestaffs, it’s time to bank them and repeat the process until you’ve created the desired number of battlestaves.