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OSRS Fastest Skills to 99

fastest skill to 99 in osrs

Old School RuneScape offers a multitude of skills for players to train, each with its unique perks and challenges. While the journey to level 99 in any skill can be rewarding, some skills are faster to level up than others. Whether you’re a veteran player looking to max out your account or a newcomer seeking quick gains, this article will guide you through the fastest skills to reach level 99.


Cooking is arguably the fastest skill to get to 99 in OSRS. It’s a simple skill that requires minimal attention and offers decent profits, especially at higher levels. Players often train Cooking by preparing various types of fish or other high-demand food items. With many training methods available, reaching level 99 can be accomplished in just a matter of days or weeks.


Firemaking is another rapid skill to level up. By burning logs, players can earn experience quickly. The Wintertodt minigame provides a unique and efficient way to level Firemaking while also earning valuable rewards. Achieving level 99 in Firemaking can take as little as 40 hours of gameplay, making it a solid choice for those looking to power level.


Fletching is an excellent choice for players who want to level up a skill quickly while turning a profit. By crafting ammunition, darts, and bolts, players can gain experience at a rapid rate. Darts and bolts, in particular, offer substantial experience per hour rates, allowing players to reach level 99 in a relatively short time.


Smithing offers a fast leveling experience if you have the resources to back it up. Training methods like blast furnace or smithing platebodies can provide substantial experience per hour. However, these methods can be expensive, so it’s essential to balance cost and speed when choosing how to train Smithing.


Crafting is another skill that can be trained rapidly with the right approach. By creating high-demand items like jewelry or battlestaves, players can quickly accumulate experience. The addition of the “Dragonhide Bodies” method has made training Crafting even more efficient. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking a fast 99 while turning a profit.


Thieving is a skill that players often overlook when considering fast 99s, but it can be surprisingly quick to level. High-level pickpocketing and Pyramid Plunder can provide rapid experience gains. With efficient training, players can reach level 99 in Thieving in a relatively short time.


While Agility might not be as fast as some of the other skills on this list, it’s worth mentioning because of its importance in OSRS. Having a high Agility level unlocks shortcuts and reduces run energy depletion, making all other skills and activities more efficient. Training Agility through rooftop courses and the Hallowed Sepulchre can help you reach level 99 at a reasonable pace.