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OSRS Thermy Guide

osrs thermy boss

The Thermonuclear Smoke Devil is a superior variant of the regular Smoke Devil, known for its deadly attacks and lucrative loot drops. This menacing creature requires level 93 Slayer to be assigned as a task, making it a formidable challenge for high-level players seeking both experience and rewards.

Location and Access

To face the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil, you’ll need to venture into the Smoke Devil Dungeon, which can be found in the Kharidian Desert. This dungeon is accessible after completing the ‘Smoking Kills’ quest, and you must be assigned Smoke Devils as a Slayer task to enter the lair of the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil.

Gear and Inventory

Preparing for a battle with the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil requires careful consideration of your gear and inventory. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Gear: High-level gear with good defense and magic resistance is essential. Items like the Toxic Blowpipe, Karil’s Crossbow, and Karil’s Crossbow Bolts are popular choices. Armor like Karil’s or Void Knight can provide additional protection.
  2. Inventory: Bring along food such as sharks or anglerfish for healing, prayer potions to maintain your protection prayers, and a few Saradomin Brews for emergency situations. Additionally, you may want to include some teleportation items for a quick escape.
osrs thermy gear setup

Combat Mechanics

The Thermonuclear Smoke Devil is a formidable adversary with several unique combat mechanics. Here’s a breakdown of its key abilities:

  1. Smoke Barrage: The Thermonuclear Smoke Devil’s primary attack is the Smoke Barrage, which deals both melee and magic damage. Protect from Melee and Protect from Missiles prayers can mitigate this damage.
  2. Teleportation: Periodically, the boss will teleport you to various locations within its lair. These teleports can disrupt your combat rhythm, so be prepared to re-engage quickly.
  3. Spawned Minions: Throughout the fight, the Smoke Devil will spawn Smoke Devils as minions. While these are weaker than the boss itself, they can still be dangerous in large numbers.
  4. Prayer Disruption: The Thermonuclear Smoke Devil has an attack that disables your prayers, so be ready to re-activate them when necessary.