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OSRS Superheat Item Guide

osrs superheat item guide

Superheating is a useful magic spell in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) that allows players to combine smithing and magic to create bars or other items from ores. This method can be highly profitable and convenient, saving you time and effort compared to traditional smelting. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to superheat items in OSRS, from the basic requirements to the actual process.


Before you start superheating items in OSRS, you’ll need to meet several requirements:

  1. Magic Level: You must have a Magic level of at least 43 to cast the Superheat Item spell.
  2. Nature Runes: You’ll need nature runes for each cast of the Superheat Item spell. It consumes one nature rune per cast.
  3. Fire Runes: You’ll also need fire runes for each cast of the Superheat Item spell. It consumes four fire runes per cast.
  4. Access to the Spell: Ensure that you have unlocked the Superheat Item spell by visiting any Magic tutor, such as the one in Lumbridge.

Selecting Your Ores

To superheat items in OSRS, you’ll need a combination of ores and coal. The ores you choose will depend on your Smithing level and the bars you want to create. Here are some common ore combinations:

  1. Iron Bars: If you have a low Smithing level, consider superheating iron ores along with a few coal ores to create iron bars. This is an efficient way to level up both Magic and Smithing.
  2. Steel Bars: To make steel bars, use one iron ore and one coal ore. This is a popular choice among players for profit and experience.
  3. Mithril Bars: Superheating mithril ores with four coal ores will yield mithril bars. This is a great choice for higher-level players.

The Superheat Item Process

Once you have met the requirements and chosen your ores, follow these steps to superheat items in OSRS:

  1. Equip Your Nature Runes: Make sure you have nature runes in your inventory.
  2. Equip Your Fire Runes: Have a sufficient number of fire runes ready.
  3. Select Superheat Item: Open your spellbook and select the Superheat Item spell.
  4. Choose Ores: Click on the ore you want to superheat from your inventory.
  5. Casting the Spell: Click on the furnace or anvil where you’d normally smelt the ores. Your character will perform the Superheat Item spell.
  6. Bar Creation: If successful, you’ll create the corresponding bar or item.