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OSRS Best Places to Mine Coal

osrs best places to mine coal ore

In the enchanting realm of Old School RuneScape, mining plays a crucial role in the game’s economy and skill development. One of the most sought-after ores by both new and seasoned players is coal. Coal is a versatile resource, used in smithing, crafting, and as a source of income. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best places in Gielinor to mine coal, considering factors such as accessibility, safety, and resource availability.

Mining Guild

The Prime LocationWhen it comes to mining coal efficiently and safely, the Mining Guild stands out as the prime location for miners in OSRS. Situated beneath Falador, this underground haven offers a plethora of coal rocks for players to exploit. To access the Mining Guild, you must have achieved level 60 in Mining, which, for dedicated miners, is an achievable milestone.

Advantages of Mining Guild:

  1. Abundant Coal Deposits: The Mining Guild boasts a substantial number of coal rocks closely packed together, allowing for uninterrupted mining.
  2. Banking Convenience: An added perk is the proximity of a bank chest within the guild, significantly reducing the time spent traveling to and from the bank.
  3. Competition-Free: As it requires level 60 Mining to enter, the guild is relatively less crowded, ensuring minimal competition for resources.
mining guild location to mine coal ore
Mining Guild

Dwarven Mines

A Viable AlternativeFor those who have not yet reached the Mining Guild requirement, the Dwarven Mines offer a respectable alternative for coal mining. These subterranean tunnels, accessible through the Dwarven Mines resource dungeon or the entrance south of Ice Mountain, are home to numerous coal rocks.

Advantages of Dwarven Mines:

  1. Accessibility: Players can access the Dwarven Mines with lower Mining levels compared to the Mining Guild.
  2. Varied Ores: Besides coal, the Dwarven Mines also contain other valuable ores like iron, mithril, and adamantite, making it a well-rounded mining spot.
  3. Resource Dungeon: If you possess Dungeoneering skills, the resource dungeon within the Dwarven Mines offers a concentrated cluster of coal rocks.

Rimmington Mine

A Beginner’s ParadiseFor novice miners, the Rimmington Mine located just south of Rimmington village provides an ideal starting point. This easily accessible site is suitable for those looking to gain initial Mining experience and collect some coal along the way.

Advantages of Rimmington Mine:

  1. Low Skill Requirement: With a Mining level as low as 1, even newcomers can start mining coal here.
  2. Close to a Bank: Rimmington village has a nearby bank, allowing for quick and convenient ore depositing.
  3. Lesser Crowds: Given its beginner-friendly nature, this mine generally sees fewer players, ensuring a more relaxed mining experience.