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OSRS Splashing Guide

osrs splashing guide

Splashing in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a technique used by many players to train Magic while remaining mostly AFK. This method involves casting spells with extremely low magic accuracy to intentionally miss and gain experience points over time. In this guide, we will explore the ins and outs of splashing, covering everything from the basics to more advanced strategies.

Understanding Splashing

Splashing is based on the concept of repeatedly casting spells that have a low chance of hitting the target. The key elements of splashing include:

1. Spell Choice: The most commonly used spell for splashing is “Curse,” such as “Curse” or “Weaken.” These spells have low accuracy, making them ideal for splashing.

2. Gear Selection: To maximize your splashing efficiency, wear gear that negatively impacts your magic accuracy. This includes gear like full metal armor, such as iron or bronze, and shields.

3. Auto-Retaliate: Disable auto-retaliate in your settings so that your character doesn’t automatically attack enemies when they retaliate. This prevents you from accidentally killing your target.

4. Combat Dummy:

To avoid interruptions from random events or other players, consider using a combat dummy, such as the one on Fossil Island. This dummy won’t retaliate and provides a safe splashing environment.

5. AFK Training: Splashing is designed to be an AFK training method. You can set a timer to check your progress periodically, but it’s meant to require minimal attention.

Experience Rates and Mechanics

While splashing is an AFK method, it’s essential to understand that the experience rates are slow compared to other Magic training methods. The experience rate depends on the chosen spell and your magic level but typically ranges from 8,000 to 13,000 experience per hour. The experience gained is 1/10th of the base experience of the spell.

Advanced Splashing Techniques

For those looking to optimize their splashing experience, consider these advanced techniques:

1. Lunar Diplomacy: Completing the Lunar Diplomacy quest unlocks the “Dream” spell, which is an even more efficient spell for splashing due to its lower magic accuracy.

2. Runes: Opt for cheaper runes like mind or body runes when splashing, as the goal is to minimize costs.

3. Multiple Accounts: Some players use multiple accounts to prevent logging out due to inactivity. By periodically interacting with another account, you can stay logged in and continue splashing.

4. Questing: Some quests, such as “The Knight’s Sword” and “Vampyre Slayer,” grant instant Magic experience. Completing these quests before splashing can save time and money.