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OSRS Soul Runecrafting Guide

osrs soul runecrafting guide

Soul Runecrafting is a unique and rewarding skill in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) that allows players to craft soul runes, a rare and powerful rune type used for various high-level spells and prayers. This guide will take you through the fascinating world of Soul Runecrafting, detailing the process, its benefits, and tips to maximize your experience.


The Soul Altar is located on the island of Zeah, in the Arceuus House. To get there, you can use the Arceuus teleport or take a boat from Port Sarim.

To craft soul runes, click on the Soul Altar with the dark essence blocks in your inventory. A user interface will appear, showing how many essence you can craft into soul runes based on your Mining level and the number of dark essence fragments you have.

where to craft soul runes in OSRS
Soul Runecrafting location

Understanding Soul Runecrafting

The Basics

Soul Runecrafting, introduced with the release of the “Dark Altar” in Zeah, is a skill that enables players to craft soul runes from dark essence fragments. These runes are vital for high-level magic and prayer spells and are highly sought after in the game.

Dark Essence Fragments

Before diving into Soul Runecrafting, you need to obtain dark essence fragments, which are extracted from dense runestones. These runestones can be found in the Arceuus essence mine. To mine dark essence, players must have at least 38 Mining.

Gaining Experience and Profits


Soul Runecrafting offers decent experience rates, especially at higher levels. Be patient and consistent, and you’ll gradually see your Runecrafting skill grow.


Soul runes are always in demand due to their usefulness in high-level content. Selling them can be quite profitable, making Soul Runecrafting a lucrative skill to master.