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OSRS Arceuus Favour Guide

osrs Piscarilius favour guide

To start your journey to gain favor with the Arceuus House, you must first head to Great Kourend, the continent exclusive to OSRS. Once there, seek out the Arceuus House Library, which is located in the southeastern part of the city of Kourend. This is your gateway to delving into the secrets of the Arceuus House and building your favor.

Enrolling in the Library

To gain your initial favor points, you’ll need to enroll as a member of the Arceuus House Library. This can be done by speaking to the Arceuus Library’s caretaker. Your first task is to fetch five books scattered around the library. As you collect these books, you’ll earn the initial favor needed to access other activities within the house.

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Soul Searching in the Dark Altar

The heart of the Arceuus House lies in the Dark Altar, a mysterious and ancient structure with incredible powers. Gaining favor requires you to engage with this powerful relic. You’ll need to offer various types of ensouled heads to the Dark Altar. These ensouled heads can be obtained from monsters around Gielinor, and they must be reanimated at the Dark Altar. The experience gained from this activity will significantly contribute to your favor with the Arceuus House.

Transporting Souls

Transporting souls is another key way to earn favor with Arceuus. Speak to the Mysterious Ghost who resides near the Dark Altar to learn the art of soul transportation. This process involves capturing the essence of various creatures’ souls in soul jars and then depositing them in the rifts scattered around Great Kourend. Each successful transport will earn you favor points and contribute to your overall favor progress.

Runecrafting Dark Runes

The Arceuus House is closely tied to runecrafting, specifically the creation of Dark Runes. To gain favor in this way, you’ll need to craft Dark Runes at the Blood Altar, which is located in the southeastern part of Arceuus. Collect dense essence blocks from the Arceuus essence mine and use them to craft Dark Runes. Each successfully crafted rune will boost your favor and your Runecrafting experience.

Reanimating Heads

Another method to earn favor with the Arceuus House is by reanimating ensouled heads at the Dark Altar. This activity not only grants favor but also provides you with Magic and Hitpoints experience. Different ensouled heads will grant varying amounts of favor, so choose your heads wisely based on your goals.

Consulting the Arceuus Spellbook

Accessing the Arceuus Spellbook is crucial for efficiently gaining favor. This spellbook contains unique spells that can aid you in activities related to the Arceuus House, such as teleporting to the Dark Altar and reanimating ensouled heads. Make sure to unlock and utilize these spells to streamline your favor-gaining process.