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OSRS Range Gear Progression

osrs ranged gear progression

In the world of OSRS, players have the freedom to choose from various combat styles, including melee, magic, and ranged. Ranged combat offers unique advantages, allowing you to attack from a distance, which can be especially useful in both Player versus Monster (PvM) and Player versus Player (PvP) scenarios. To become a proficient ranged combatant, you must understand the gear progression in OSRS. This article will guide you through the various stages of range gear progression, from the early levels to the endgame.

Early Levels: Leather and Hide

As a novice ranger in OSRS, you’ll start with basic gear that won’t break the bank. Early on, you can wear leather and hide armor, such as leather chaps and studded leather bodies. These items are readily available and affordable. Additionally, you can use shortbows or crossbows and bronze to mithril ammunition. Training your ranged skill with these low-level items will help you build a solid foundation for the more advanced gear to come.

Mid-Levels: Green D’hide and Karil’s Crossbow

As you progress through the game and your ranged level increases, you’ll want to upgrade your gear. Green dragonhide armor is a popular choice for mid-level rangers, offering decent defense bonuses while maintaining a relatively low cost. Pair this armor with a Karil’s crossbow, which provides a substantial increase in your ranged accuracy and damage output compared to earlier weapons. Ammunition-wise, broad bolts or broad arrows from Slayer tasks are cost-effective choices.

High Levels: Armadyl and Toxic Blowpipe

Reaching the higher levels of ranged combat opens the doors to some of the best gear OSRS has to offer. Armadyl armor is the go-to choice for many high-level rangers due to its impressive ranged bonuses. However, it comes with a hefty price tag. The Armadyl crossbow is a valuable addition, providing excellent accuracy and damage.

For those seeking more versatility, the toxic blowpipe is a game-changer. It offers rapid attack speed and can use various darts, making it deadly in both PvM and PvP situations. Although it requires scales and darts, it’s a top-tier option for those willing to invest in their ranged setup.

Endgame: Twisted Bow and Elite Void Knight

For players who have reached the highest levels of ranged combat and have amassed substantial wealth, the Twisted Bow is the ultimate ranged weapon. Its unique mechanic allows it to deal devastating damage against high magic-based creatures, making it invaluable in certain boss fights.

To maximize your damage output, you should consider the Elite Void Knight equipment. This set provides a significant boost to your accuracy and damage while using void knight robes, making it a top choice for those seeking to maximize their ranged potential.