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OSRS Best F2P Range Weapons

osrs best f2p range weapons

In the vast world of OSRS, players have a plethora of weapons to choose from to conquer their foes. Ranged combat is a popular choice among adventurers due to its versatility and effectiveness. Whether you’re hunting creatures in the wilderness, participating in PvP battles, or simply want to level up your Ranged skill, selecting the right F2P range weapon is crucial. In this article, we’ll explore the top options for free-to-play players, helping you make an informed choice.

Shortbows: The Beginner’s Choice

Shortbows are the go-to choice for budding archers in OSRS. They are easy to obtain and provide a decent balance of speed and accuracy. The best F2P shortbow is the Maple Shortbow, which boasts a rapid attack speed and can be used with various arrow types, such as iron, steel, or even mithril. Maple Shortbows are accessible for players with a Ranged level of 30 and can be easily purchased or obtained from various NPCs.

Crossbows: Precision and Power

Crossbows offer a more accurate and powerful alternative to shortbows, making them ideal for those who prefer a slower, methodical approach to ranged combat. The highest-tier F2P crossbow is the Rune Crossbow, requiring a Ranged level of 61 to wield. It offers exceptional accuracy and damage potential, particularly when combined with high-level bolts, like rune or broad-tipped bolts.

Dorgeshuun Crossbow: A Unique Option

The Dorgeshuun Crossbow is a unique choice for F2P players. While it requires a Ranged level of 28 to use, it offers an intriguing special attack, which can be handy in various situations. Its special attack can lower an opponent’s Defence by 5%, potentially increasing your overall damage output. This makes it a compelling option for those looking to mix things up in combat.

Throwing Weapons: A Versatile Arsenal

Throwing weapons provide an alternative ranged option, allowing players to attack from a distance with precision. The best F2P throwing weapons are the rune knives and rune darts. Both require a Ranged level of 40 and offer excellent accuracy and damage. These weapons can be a bit more costly to use, as they are consumed with each attack, but they are undeniably effective.

Ammunition: Choosing the Right Arrows and Bolts

Selecting the appropriate ammunition is just as crucial as choosing the right ranged weapon. For bows, arrows are the key, while crossbows require bolts. As a free-to-play player, you have access to a variety of arrow and bolt types, each with its strengths. Iron, steel, and mithril arrows/bolts are the most readily available, but for players seeking a bit more punch, rune arrows and rune bolts are your best choices.