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OSRS Crystal Bow

osrs crystal bow

The Crystal Bow is a coveted ranged weapon in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), known for its unique properties and elegance. Crafted from crystal seeds, this bow boasts a range of features that make it a popular choice among players. It has no ammunition requirements, saving players both time and money, as it regenerates its own ammunition over time.

Item Stats

osrs crystal bow
Crystal Bow stats


  • To use the Crystal Bow, players need to have level 70 Ranged.

Stats and Features:

  • The Crystal Bow has high accuracy and does not require ammunition. Instead, it consumes charges as it’s used.
  • The bow degrades as it’s used, and its stats gradually decrease. However, it can be recharged using crystal seeds, which are obtained from the rare drop table or through various methods like pickpocketing elves.
  • The Crystal Bow has a special attack called “Soulshot,” which doubles the player’s accuracy for one shot. This special attack consumes 100% special attack energy.


There are two variants of the Crystal Bow in OSRS:

  1. Crystal Bow: The standard Crystal Bow has a maximum of 2,500 charges and can be equipped at 70 Ranged.
  2. Crystal Bow (i): The imbued version, also known as Crystal Bow (i), is more powerful and has a maximum of 20,000 charges. To create this version, players need to imbue the Crystal Bow at the Nightmare Zone by using a Crystal Bow and an imbued crystal seed. It requires 1,000,000 Nightmare Zone reward points to imbue the bow.

Obtaining Crystal Seeds:

  • Crystal seeds, which are used to recharge the Crystal Bow, can be obtained as a drop from various high-level Slayer monsters, Zalcano, or by pickpocketing elves in Prifddinas.
  • To obtain crystal seeds for imbuing the Crystal Bow, players can purchase them with Tarddian crystals in Prifddinas or receive them as a drop from the Hespori boss.