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OSRS Morytania Diary Guide

osrs morytania diary guide

The Morytania Diary is a series of achievement diaries, divided into four tiers: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite. Completing the tasks within each tier grants you various rewards, including experience lamps, teleports, and passive bonuses. To begin your journey, head to the town of Canifis in Morytania and speak to Le-sabre, who is located just north of the bank. He’ll provide you with an initial task to kickstart your diary progress.

Easy Morytania Diary

osrs easy morytania diary guide

The Easy Diary tasks serve as an introduction to Morytania and its unique challenges. These tasks may include activities like crafting runes, defeating certain monsters, or navigating through the swampy terrain. Completing the Easy Diary grants you the following benefits:

  • An antique lamp that grants 2,500 experience in any skill above 30.
  • An improved bonecrusher, which automatically buries bones dropped by monsters.
  • A shortcut to the essence mine beneath the temple in Mort’ton.

Medium Morytania Diary

osrs medium morytania diary guide

The Medium Diary tasks delve deeper into Morytania’s lore and challenges. Expect tasks like defeating stronger foes, exploring the dangerous Slayer Tower, or crafting specific items. Completing the Medium Diary unlocks:

  • A second antique lamp, providing 7,500 experience in any skill above 40.
  • A Morytania legs 2, which offers double mushrooms from the Canifis mushroom patch.
  • Increased blood rune crafting experience in the Arceuus library.

Hard Morytania Diary

osrs hard morytania diary guide

The Hard Diary tasks are not for the faint-hearted. You’ll face even tougher foes, delve into the dark depths of the Barrows, and navigate the gruesome experiments in Slepe. The rewards for completing the Hard Diary are substantial:

Elite Morytania Diary

osrs elite morytania diary guide

The Elite Diary tasks are the pinnacle of achievement in Morytania. Expect formidable challenges such as defeating the fearsome Theatre of Blood bosses, creating high-level equipment, and mastering the dark arts of the region. Completing the Elite Diary brings you the ultimate rewards:

  • A fourth antique lamp, providing a whopping 50,000 experience in any skill above 70.
  • The Hallowed Mark, which allows unlimited teleports to the Theatre of Blood.
  • An upgraded bonecrusher that automatically buries bones from creatures assigned by the Slayer masters.