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OSRS Melee Gear Progression

Every adventurer’s journey begins somewhere, and for those starting their melee combat adventure, it often begins with the most basic gear. As a beginner, your primary focus should be on acquiring affordable and easily obtainable gear. This includes basic weapons like bronze or iron weapons and armor such as leather or iron armor. These items can be acquired through various means, including purchasing from NPCs, crafting, or finding them as drops from low-level monsters.

The Quest for Upgrades – Early to Mid-Game

As you gain experience and levels in your melee skills, it becomes essential to upgrade your gear to tackle tougher challenges. Here are some key gear upgrades to consider during the early to mid-game stages of your journey:

Rune Equipment

Rune equipment is a significant upgrade from the basic gear. Rune weapons, such as the rune scimitar, offer improved damage and accuracy, while rune armor provides better defense. To obtain rune gear, you can either purchase it from shops or acquire it as drops from higher-level monsters.

Amulets and Rings

Don’t forget to accessorize! Amulets like the Amulet of Strength or Amulet of Glory can boost your combat abilities. Rings like the Warrior Ring and Berserker Ring provide valuable bonuses to your melee stats. These accessories can be obtained through crafting, quest rewards, or by defeating specific monsters.

Specialized Gear

For more specialized tasks, consider gear like the Dragon Defender, Fighter Torso, or Obsidian Armor. These items offer unique bonuses and are often sought after by serious melee combatants. Earning them may require participation in specific minigames or completing challenging quests.

Aiming for the Top – Late-Game Gear

Once you’ve honed your melee skills and amassed some wealth, it’s time to aim for the best gear OSRS has to offer. Late-game melee gear can be quite expensive, but the benefits they provide are well worth the investment.

1. Barrows Equipment

Barrows equipment is a popular choice among high-level melee warriors. Sets like Dharok’s, Guthan’s, and Verac’s provide unique set effects and are obtained by defeating the Barrows brothers in their crypts. These sets are versatile and can be used for various combat scenarios.

2. Godswords and Abyssal Whip

Godswords, such as the Saradomin Sword and Zamorakian Spear, are among the most powerful melee weapons in the game. The Abyssal Whip is a fast and accurate one-handed weapon. Obtaining these weapons usually requires substantial financial investment.

3. Prayer and Strength Gear

Late-game melee gear often incorporates prayer bonuses and strength bonuses. Items like the Amulet of Torture and the Primordial Boots offer impressive bonuses to your melee stats. However, they come at a premium price.

Beyond the Horizon – End-Game and PVP Gear

For those who venture into the highest levels of melee combat and player versus player (PVP) combat, even more potent gear awaits:

Twisted Bow and Scythe of Vitur

The Twisted Bow and Scythe of Vitur are two of the most coveted weapons in the game, known for their incredible power and versatility. They are incredibly expensive and are often the goal of wealthy players seeking the best gear.

PvP Gear

Engaging in player versus player combat often requires specialized gear like the Dragon Claws and Vesta’s Longsword. These weapons can deal devastating damage to opponents but can only be used in specific PVP situations.