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OSRS Amulet of Torture

osrs amulet of torture

The Amulet of Torture, often abbreviated as “Torture,” is a highly sought-after melee amulet in OSRS, renowned for its exceptional offensive bonuses. Introduced to the game as part of the popular Chambers of Xeric raid in 2017, this amulet has since become a staple accessory for warriors and slayers alike.

Torture Stats

Attack Bonuses:

  • Stab: +15
  • Slash: +10
  • Crush: +10
  • Magic: +0
  • Ranged: +0

Defence Bonuses:

  • Stab: +0
  • Slash: +0
  • Crush: +0
  • Magic: +0
  • Ranged: +0

Other Bonuses:

  • Strength Bonus: +10
  • Prayer Bonus: +0


To wear the Amulet of Torture, you need an Attack level of 75.

Obtaining the Amulet of Torture:

The Amulet of Torture can be created by using a Zenyte shard on an Amulet of Fury with level 93 Crafting. This requires a Zenyte amulet, an Amulet of Fury, and 1 Cosmic rune. The Zenyte shard is obtained by using a chisel on an uncut Zenyte gem, which is a rare drop from the demonic gorillas in the Monkey Madness II caves.


  • The Amulet of Torture is highly sought after by melee combat-focused players due to its significant offensive bonuses. It provides substantial attack and strength bonuses, making it a popular choice for boss fights, player vs. monster (PvM) activities, and player vs. player (PvP) combat.
  • It is often used by players seeking to maximize their melee damage output, particularly when using high-strength weapons like the Abyssal Tentacle or the Godsword.
  • The Amulet of Torture is considered one of the best-in-slot amulets for melee combat and is often used in conjunction with other equipment that boosts offensive capabilities.

The Amulet of Torture is a valuable and powerful amulet in OSRS, favoured for its offensive combat advantages.