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OSRS Mage Gear Progression

Magic is one of the three primary combat styles in Old School, and mastering it requires not only skill but also a keen understanding of gear progression. From the humble beginnings of your magic journey to becoming a powerful mage capable of taking on the most formidable foes, this guide will walk you through the essential gear progression for mages in OSRS.

Starting Out: The Basics

Robes and Staves

As a beginner mage, your gear options are limited. Begin your journey by equipping basic robes and staves. These can be obtained from shops or low-level monsters. Opt for the highest-tier staff available to maximize your spellcasting efficiency.

Elemental Staves

Elemental staves, such as the Staff of Air, Staff of Water, Staff of Fire, and Staff of Earth, become available as you progress through the game. These staves provide unlimited elemental runes, reducing the need to carry large quantities of runes in your inventory. They are excellent choices for budget mages.

Mystic Robes

When you’ve accumulated some wealth and reached a higher Magic level, consider upgrading to Mystic robes. These provide significant magic attack bonuses and defense against magic attacks. Mystic robes come in various colors, each corresponding to a different element.

Mid-Level Magic: Battle Robes and God Books

Battle Robes

As you continue your magical journey, you’ll want to aim for Battle Robes. These robes, also known as the Splitbark or Lava Battlestaff set, offer respectable bonuses and are relatively affordable for mid-level players. The Splitbark set can be created through Crafting and Magic, while the Lava Battlestaff is a drop from the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil boss.

God Books

God Books are unique, customizable off-hand items that provide offensive and defensive bonuses. The “Unholy Book,” “Book of Law,” and “Book of Darkness” are popular choices among mages. You can earn pages for these books from various activities like treasure trails or buy them from other players.

The Grind to Greatness: Ahrim’s and the Toxic Trident

Ahrim’s Robes

Ahrim’s robes, part of the Barrows set, are a significant upgrade for high-level mages. They offer excellent magic bonuses and a set effect that reduces your opponent’s stats. To obtain Ahrim’s gear, you’ll need to conquer the Barrows brothers and their crypts, making it a challenging but rewarding endeavor.

Toxic Trident

The Toxic Trident is a powerful staff that requires level 75 Magic to wield. It offers a unique spell that can hit multiple targets and is often favored for efficient Slayer tasks. Obtaining the Toxic Trident involves completing the challenging “Toxic Blowpipe” quest.

Endgame Excellence: Ancestral Robes and the Kodai Wand

Ancestral Robes

For those aiming for the pinnacle of magical power, Ancestral robes are the ultimate choice. These robes provide unparalleled magic bonuses but come with a hefty price tag. Obtaining them can be a long-term goal, requiring substantial wealth and dedication to high-level PvM activities.

Kodai Wand

The Kodai Wand is the holy grail of mage weapons in OSRS. It offers the highest magic attack bonus of any weapon in the game and can autocast Ancient Magicks spells. Obtaining the Kodai Wand is no small feat, as it involves taking on the formidable Chambers of Xeric raid.