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OSRS Farmer’s Outfit Guide

osrs farmers outfit guide

Old School RuneScape offers players a wide range of skills and activities to engage in, and one of the more peaceful and rewarding pursuits is farming. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or just starting out, having the right outfit can make a significant difference in your efficiency and enjoyment. In this guide, we’ll delve into the various farming outfits available in OSRS and how they can help you become a more proficient farmer.

Farming Skill Overview

Before we dive into the outfits, let’s briefly review the importance of the farming skill in OSRS. Farming is a unique skill that involves planting, nurturing, and harvesting crops and herbs. It offers a sustainable source of income, useful herbs for potions, and special resources for various quests and activities.

Farming Outfit Types

There are two main types of farming outfits in OSRS: the Graceful Outfit and the Farmer’s Outfit.

Graceful Outfit

The Graceful Outfit is a popular choice among OSRS players due to its stamina-saving benefits. While not specific to farming, it aids farmers in conserving energy when running between farming patches. This outfit can be obtained by participating in the Agility minigame known as “The Graceful Race,” where players earn Marks of Grace to purchase Graceful pieces. Equipping the full set reduces your weight, allowing you to run for more extended periods without depleting your run energy.

Farmer’s Outfit

The Farmer’s Outfit is tailored explicitly for farming activities and provides several advantages to those with a green thumb. It consists of five pieces: the Hat, Jacket, Trousers, Boots, and Gloves. To obtain this outfit, you’ll need to engage in various farming-related activities:

  • Killing Cows and Chickens: The Hat and Jacket can be obtained by killing cows and chickens. The Hat has a 1/2,500 drop rate, while the Jacket has a 1/2,000 drop rate.
  • Completing Tithe Farm Mini-Game: The Trousers and Boots can be obtained as a reward from the Tithe Farm minigame, which requires 100% Hosidius House favor. You can earn points in this mini-game to purchase these pieces.
  • Master Farmer: The Gloves can be pickpocketed from the Master Farmer, but it’s quite a rare drop, with a 1/1,000 chance.

Benefits of the Farmer’s Outfit

Wearing the Farmer’s Outfit while farming can provide significant advantages:

  • Experience Boost: Each piece of the outfit provides a 0.4% experience boost when worn during farming activities. Wearing the full set grants a cumulative 2% experience boost.
  • Crop Yield Boost: The Farmer’s Outfit also increases the yield of crops harvested from allotment and herb patches. This means you’ll get more herbs, vegetables, and other produce from your farming efforts.
  • Chance to Save Seeds: When worn, the Farmer’s Outfit offers a 10% chance of saving seeds when planting in allotment and herb patches, effectively reducing your seed costs over time.