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OSRS Herb Patches

osrs herb patches

In OSRS, herb patches are designated areas where players can grow herbs for various purposes. These patches offer a renewable source of herbs that are essential for creating potions, which are widely used for combat, skilling, and questing. The herbs you harvest can be used for personal use, sold to other players, or traded on the Grand Exchange for a profit.

Locations of Herb Patches

  1. Falador Herb Patch:
  2. Ardougne Herb Patch:
    • Found in the northeastern part of Ardougne, this patch requires players to have completed the Biohazard quest. It’s a bit more challenging to reach but offers valuable herbs.
  3. Catherby Herb Patch:
    • Located in Catherby, near the sea, this herb patch is perfect for those combining herb farming with fishing. It’s a favorite for its scenic view and accessibility.
  4. Troll Stronghold Herb Patch:
    • Found within the Troll Stronghold, this patch requires players to complete the Troll Stronghold quest to access it. The journey is perilous, but the herbs are rewarding.
  5. Etceteria Herb Patch:
    • Located on the island of Etceteria, this herb patch can be accessed after completing the Throne of Miscellania quest. It’s a lesser-known gem, often overlooked by players.
  6. Wilderness Herb Patch:
    • For the daring adventurers, there is a herb patch in level 47 Wilderness. Beware of player killers if you choose to farm here, but the risk can lead to significant rewards.

Farming Strategies

Maximizing your gains from herb patches involves careful planning and regular maintenance. Here are some tips:

  • Planting Seeds: Always use the best seeds you can afford. Higher-tier seeds yield more valuable herbs.
  • Compost: Use supercompost on your patches to increase the yield and reduce the chance of disease.
  • Herb Protection: To prevent disease, consider paying the farmer to watch over your herbs.
  • Multiple Patches: As you level up your farming skill, unlock and use multiple herb patches to grow more herbs simultaneously.
  • Harvesting: Harvest your herbs when they are fully grown. Herbs have different growth times, so keep an eye on each patch.
  • Profit vs. Experience: Decide whether you want to maximize profit or experience. Some herbs are more valuable when sold, while others are better used to make potions for experience.