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OSRS Drift Net Fishing Guide

osrs drift net fishing guide

Drift net fishing is a distinctive fishing method introduced in OSRS. Unlike traditional methods, it involves deploying a large net into the open sea, capturing a variety of fish in a single catch. This method requires the completion of the Fishing Contest quest, which is a prerequisite for accessing the Fishing Trawler minigame.

Preparing for Drift Net Fishing

Before venturing into the open sea, players must prepare themselves for drift net fishing. This includes acquiring the necessary fishing gear, which typically consists of a big fishing net and relevant fishing equipment. Additionally, players are encouraged to stock up on food and potions to endure the challenges that may arise during the minigame.

Deploying the Drift Net

Once the Fishing Trawler sets sail, players have the opportunity to deploy their drift net into the ocean. This action will collect a variety of fish and other sea creatures, offering substantial Fishing experience points and the chance to receive the highly sought-after hermit crab pet.

Rewards and Benefits

Drift net fishing in OSRS presents several compelling rewards and benefits. Not only is it a fun and social minigame, but it also grants significant Fishing experience points. Players can also obtain the Angler outfit, which increases their catch rate while fishing and adds a unique cosmetic element to their character. Moreover, the hermit crab pet, when obtained, serves as a badge of honor for dedicated fishermen.