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OSRS Fishing Trawler Guide

osrs fishing trawler guide

The Fishing Trawler is a cooperative minigame located in Port Khazard. The objective is to help maintain the boat while it sails through the tumultuous sea in search of a bountiful catch. It’s an engaging and rewarding activity that combines teamwork, strategy, and fishing skills.

Preparing for the Trawler

Before you embark on your trawler journey, you should prepare adequately:

  • Level Requirements: To participate in the Fishing Trawler, you’ll need at least level 15 Fishing.
  • Supplies: Bring along some swamp paste, which is used to repair the boat during the minigame. You can buy it from the Trawler’s General Store in Port Khazard.
  • Crew: The more players on your team, the easier the minigame becomes. It’s best to join a group of at least 5-6 players to maximize your chances of success.

Boarding the Trawler

To board the Fishing Trawler, head to Port Khazard and look for Murphy, the dwarf who runs the minigame. Speak to him and select the “Let’s go!” option. You’ll be taken to the trawler, where the game begins.

Playing the Minigame

The minigame itself involves repairing the boat’s leaks, keeping it afloat, and hauling in the catch. Here’s how it works:

  • Repairing Leaks: The boat will spring leaks regularly. To repair them, right-click your swamp paste and use it on the leaking area. This helps to keep the boat from sinking.
  • Hauling in the Net: After a set time, the net will be full of fish. Players need to coordinate to reel it in. The more players participate in this task, the quicker the net will be hauled in.
  • Collecting the Catch: As the net is brought in, various fish and other items will be collected. The catch can be exchanged for rewards after the game.

Maximizing Rewards

To make the most of your Fishing Trawler experience, consider these tips:

  • Efficiency: Focus on repairing leaks and hauling in the net efficiently. The faster you complete these tasks, the more rewards you’ll receive.
  • The Trawler Outfit: If you plan to play the minigame frequently, invest in the Angler’s Outfit. It provides additional experience bonuses and rewards.
  • Fish Types: The Trawler offers unique fish like Sea Turtles and Manta Rays. These can be turned into valuable resources.
  • Mystery Boxes: As you collect fish, you’ll also receive Mystery Boxes. These can contain valuable items, so make sure to open them after the game.